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Fungus + Beetle + Wound = Infection
Fungus + Beetle + Wound = Infection
When a contaminated beetle lands on a wound to feed, the spore sticks to the surface of the wound. It germinates rapidly, grows into the water conducting tissue and goes on to colonize the rest of the tree from roots to tips. Symptoms may develop in as little as two weeks or as long as nine months.

Infection Season
  • Spring: the high risk season for new oak wilt infections
  • February 1st through June 1st is the period when the three risk factors come together:
    • Fungal mats proliferate in the moderate temperatures and high humidity. 
    • Sap feeding beetles are active and abundant.
    • Oaks are more easily wounded in spring when the sap rises.

Note: Springtime wind and hail can cause many small wounds. Pruning in late winter is a longtime habit for many homeowners.

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