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White Oaks
Recognizing White Oaks
Lacey bur hybrid white oak
White oaks are recognized by the smooth or wavy margins on their leaves. The white shin oak is a small native oak widespread in Lakeway. Bur oaks, Monterey oaks and chinquapin oaks are three larger white oaks often planted here because of their oak wilt resistance.

Symptoms In White Oaks
  • Most white oaks are resistant (not immune!) to oak wilt
  • Often planted in oak wilt centers because of their resistance
  • May lose a few branches each year and die back slowly if infected
  • Many are able to "wall off" the infection over time so dieback stops
  • Leaves on affected branches turn brown from the margins inward
  • White oaks surrounded by infected red and live oaks are more likely to succumb

Note: White oaks may be planted in Lakeway.  See Lakeway Oak Wilt Ordinances or Section 24.02.402 of the Lakeway Code of Ordinances for more information.

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