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After Infection: Root Transmission
After Infection:Root Transmission to Nearby Oaks
trees infected with oak wilt
After the first oak is infected, the oak wilt fungus moves through the interconnected roots to surrounding oaks. Oak roots are widespread and graft together easily, creating a vast highway system that allows the oak wilt fungus to reach more and more susceptible hosts. One spore in one wound is all that it takes to start a chain reaction that can kill hundreds or thousands of oaks!

Expansion of oak wilt centers
Oak wilt centers expand 75 feet per year on average, but this rate is highly variable. Some oak wilt centers sit still or move very slowly for many years. In other cases oak wilt appears to race 150 or 200 feet through a stand of oaks in a single season, although this is uncommon. Over time, oak wilt centers can expand to dozens or even hundreds of acres.

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