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Lock It or Lose It

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Lock It or Lose It is a crime-prevention initiative to encourage the public to lock their vehicles, remove valuables from plain sign and take their keys with them. 

Vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity that are easily prevented in most cases. Criminals rarely break into a vehicle when they cannot easily and quickly spot valuables by looking into its windows. Instead, they break into vehicles where they see some potential for immediate reward.

The department has found that a significant percentage of vehicle burglaries in Lakeway occur when unattended vehicles are either left unlocked or when valuables are left in plain view or both. Statistics show that in order to achieve a significant reduction in these offenses, a change in habits must be made that impacts victims, offenders and locations.

The damage and property loss resulting from an auto burglary can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. These incidents often cause much heartache for the victims.

Some tips to avoid becoming the victim of a burglary or theft:

  • Remember to always secure your car doors when parking your vehicle, even for just a few minutes. It takes just a matter of seconds to enter an unsecured vehicle;


  • Do not leave valuables, such as purses, cell phones, portable music players or packages in plain view inside your vehicle. Secure them in a glove box, center console or, even better, in the trunk. Thieves will search other vehicles that are easier targets if they do not see anything of value in your car;
  • Park in well lighted areas at night. Light is an enemy of thieves; and,


  • Keep your garage door closed and locked at night. Many burglaries to garages occur with doors left wide open. An open garage door is an invitation to a thief to take anything in sight.

Property managers may contribute to the reduction or prevention of vehicle burglaries by prominently displaying Lock It or Lose It signs in or near their parking facilities.

For more information or to request a sign, contact Lakeway Community Resources Officer Eric Barto at 512-314-7519 or by

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