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Ray Miller, BDS Director

Alex Damgaard, Building Official

Erin Carr, Office Manager

Karen Wade, Senior Administrative Assistant

Jean Hough, Permit Technician

Jacquie Banks, Permit Technician

Janie Sweeden, Permit Technician

Sally Buckovinsky, Plans Examiner

Darren Benedict, Plans Examiner

Paul Duncan, City Engineer

Tom Daly, Building Inspector

Gerald Freeman, Building Inspector

Laura Rodriguez, Senior Code Enforcement Officer

Jonathan Longoria, Code Enforcement Officer

Omar Lopez, Code Enforcement Officer

Stephen Oldham, Code Enforcement Officer

Charles Knuth, GIS Analyst
email    (512) 314-7559

email    (512) 314-7556

email    (512) 314-7546

email    (512) 314-7537

email    (512) 314-7540

email    (512) 314-7529

email    (512) 314-7540

email    (512) 314-7544

email    (512) 314-7542

email    (512) 314-7552

email    (512) 314-7539

email    (512) 314-7605

email    (512) 314-7533

email    (512) 314-7531

email    (512) 314-7531

email    (512) 314-7545

email    (512) 314-7535

This is the official City of Lakeway website in Lakeway, Texas. City of Lakeway, TX - Official Website. Here is the site's home page: Information about the City of Lakeway and community including city departments, City Council, parks, and police. Also includes city history.