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Open Government / Transparency
The City of Lakeway is committed to providing open, transparent, and accountable government. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their government is doing. Open and transparent government requires that the business of City government should be open to public review. The City of Lakeway achieves transparency by communicating with the residents, providing access to financial documents, and encouraging participation in decision-making processes. 

The following links provide access to information about City programs and services, and about how your tax dollars are spent.

City Government Elected Officials Administrative Officials

Ethics Open Records Public Notices
Building & Development Finance Commissions
 Leadership-Circle-Multiple-Year-platinum.jpg  Read about the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle & Lakeway's 2014 Platinum Scorecard

This is the official City of Lakeway website in Lakeway, Texas. City of Lakeway, TX - Official Website. Here is the site's home page: Information about the City of Lakeway and community including city departments, City Council, parks, and police. Also includes city history.