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Building Inspection Request

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  3. (Including building and suite numbers)

  4. (This is the person who will work directly with the city building inspector on site.)

  5. (This is the phone number of the person named above.)

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  7. To schedule an inspection for a particular date, a request must be received not later than 4 p.m. the previous business day.

    (See Inspection Schedule for holidays.)

  8. City of Lakeway inspectors will identify a maximum of 10 correction items per trip.

  9. Plumbing inspections are not conducted by City of Lakeway inspectors. Please schedule these inspections with the water purveyor for the property.


    Please check all applicable boxes below for this permit.

  11. Building Inspections

  12. Description

    LO - Layout

    FN - Foundation/Footings

    EX - Sheathing

    WP - Waterproofing

    FR - Frame

    MR - Mechanical Rough

    ER - Electrical Rough

    IN - Insulation

    VT - Masonry Veneer Tie

    SL - Stucco Lath

    FW - Flatwork-Driveway

    WB - Drywall-Tile Backer (Wallboard)

    FE - Final Electric

    FM - Final Mechanical

    FB - Final Building

    CP - Compliance

  13. Pool Inspections

  14. Description

    PL - Pool Layout

    PS - Pool Shell/Bonding (Pre-Gunite)

    PD - Pool Deck/Flatwork/Bonding

    PB - Pool Barrier

    PF- Pool Final & Bonding for Pool Equipment

  15. Alteration

  16. Description

    RR - Re-Roof

    HV - Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

    SO - Solar

  17. Other Inspections

  18. Description

    CT - Courtesy

    STR - Short-Term Rental Compliance Inspection

  19. Do you have any special instructions for the inspector?

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