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Lakeway Communications Request Form

  1. Please use this form to submit requests to the Lakeway Communications Department.
  2. Please include as much detail as possible. Example: If you need a flyer created, include the information you want on the flyer, design details and quantity. If it’s a press release, please include all details about the release, including where you want the information displayed. If you need a new page created on our city website, let us know where you are requesting to put it and include any content you would like to see on the new page.
  3. Flyers, press releases, creation of website pages and promotional materials for special events will require a minimum of two weeks for completion. We cannot guarantee completion on your requested date if you submit with less than two weeks notice. Regular website updates on existing pages are typically done within two business days.
  4. Please use the file upload sections below to add photos and other materials you'd like to include in your Communications Request. If you have more than five files to share, you may email them to [email protected].
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