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Application for Filming / Commercial Photography

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  2. The Production Coordinator (person responsible for managing filming or photography activities) will need to fill out the information in this application.

    Please fill out the short form below if you are interested in filming or doing photography on City of Lakeway property. Please be sure to fill out the form no less than four weeks prior to your first scheduled shoot day. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. Filling out the form does not guarantee approval. Once the form is filled out and submitted, a City of Lakeway staff member will reach out within that two week window with any further questions, and discuss whether the filming/photography will be approved or denied, including any reasons for the denial. We appreciate you taking the time to fill this form out, and for choosing beautiful Lakeway for your filming/photography project.

  3. Presenting Company / Individual Additional Information:
  4. Examples: Movie name, Commercial for Bob's Car Company, XY Brand Drinks or Student Documentary not for commercial release.

  5. Examples: Add campaign for ABC Company, XYZ Clothing Company or 123 Magazine.

  6. Project Type:
  7. Please include a detailed narrative of the shoot, shots and/or filming.

  8. Proposed Schedule and Locations:
  9. List the dates that you will be at this location and the times that you will begin and end.

  10. List the dates that you will be at this location and the times that you will begin and end.

  11. Logistics:
  12. Will you have food trucks on site during the shoot?
  13. Do you have the proper insurance?
  14. Will the public be invited or included to the filming in such a manner to produce a large crowd? If "yes", provide details below. Include crowd size.*
  15. Unmanned aircraft (drone)? If yes, you must upload a flight pattern and FAA operator information/certification.*
  16. Equipment & Props (Select all that apply). Please note: Any items/details not clearly indicated may be removed by City staff and production may be halted.
  17. Include clear, well marked maps of the locations to be utilized.

  18. Leave This Blank:

  19. This field is not part of the form submission.