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Do I need a permit to cut down trees on my property?
That depends on when your house was built. If your residential home was occupied on or before April 18, 2011, no Tree Removal Permit is required to remove any tree - unless you are making additions to your home or extensive alterations to landscape. In that case, a tree removal permit may be required as part of the building or landscape permitting process.

If your home was built and occupied after April 18, 2011, a tree removal permit may be required depending on the size and type of tree. Refer to the Lakeway Code of Ordinances Section 24.02.405. Most trees larger than 16 inches in diameter total will require a tree removal permit.
Commercial property owners and homeowners with additional questions about tree removal permits and landscape alterations should call the Building and Development Services department at 512-314-7540.Lakeway Code of Ordinances Section 24.02.405


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