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Posted on: November 30, 2017

Survey finds Lakeway Municipal Court to be fair, impartial

WEB - Presiding Judge Kevin R. Madison

Lakeway Municipal Court earned high marks in a public survey by the National Center for State Courts and the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center that focused on fairness in legal financial obligations.
The Lakeway court equaled or exceeded the average score in five ratings of 521 participating high, mid, and low-volume courts in Texas. Lakeway’s score as a low-volume court follows each respective question in parentheses.
1.The judge listened to my side of the story before deciding the method of satisfying my fine/fees. (86)
2.I was treated the same as everyone else. (96)
3.I got a chance to tell the judge about my ability to pay fines and fees. (90)
4.The judge made a fair and impartial decision about fines and fees related to my case, based on the facts. (87)
5.As I leave the court, I know what to do next with respect to my obligation to pay any fines and fees. (97)
The Lakeway Municipal Court’s overall score was 91. A score of 100 equals the highest level of satisfaction.
As court defendants and respondents exited the courtroom or clerk’s office, they were handed a survey form prepared by the National Center for State Courts and the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center. Those taking the survey were asked to rate their level of agreement with each question, using a 1-5 scale.
The general scores for all participating courts are represented in the table below in the order the questions were asked.

Overall Results
(521 total)
(Low Volume)
Fairness in Legal Financial Obligations Survey Results

Lakeway Municipal Court
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