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Posted on: September 20, 2019

Animal Protection Ordinance Revised

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At Monday night’s City Council Meeting (September 16, 2019), Councilmembers voted unanimously to approve updates to Chapter 4 of the city’s Code of Ordinances, which pertains to animal protection in the City of Lakeway. Lakeway Police Chief Todd Radford gave a final presentation Monday evening regarding the changes, which were reviewed and revised in large part by the City Attorney and Animal Protection Officer. Updates to the ordinance reflect legislative changes and methods to further protect the health and safety of animals and the public. 

The following revisions include some of the more notable changes the community may encounter:

  • Changed ‘licensing’ to ‘traceable identification’ for dogs and cats. Licensing an animal is no longer a requirement in the City of Lakeway. The updated ordinance requires having traceable identification for the animal, which can include microchips, tags and tattoos. 
  • Revised and expanded animals that are considered public nuisances or vicious, and the conditions upon how they can be removed from the city. This includes updating the ordinance to include all domesticated animals, and not just dogs.
  • Updated information on the regulation of acceptable restraints of animals, including acceptable leash and stationary tether conditions. This includes a revision prohibiting an animal to be tied or staked in close proximity to public sidewalks, passageways or commercial building.
  • Updated fees to include a general impoundment fee of $50 ($100 for repeat offense) per day for a first offense.
  • Updated permit fees for kennels, breeders and commercial vendors of $250 per year.
  • Updated and simplified language to prohibit animals from the interior of restaurants or establishments serving food, with the exception of approved service animals and patrol dogs with their officer(s).
  • Defined acceptable care and living conditions for animals, including enclosure requirements for different types of animals.
  • Updated section on allowing officer to remove an animal from a vehicle or enclosed space using any reasonable means if the animal’s health and safety could be affected.

For more information on the updated changes, click here and scroll to documents 35 - 60.

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