Dive-in Movies

Dates:  Various Friday nights throughout the summer
Time:  Dusk - 8:45 PM

Dive-In Movies is presented by the Lakeway Swim Center, 3103 Lakeway Blvd., near the World of Tennis.  Fee:  $3.00/person.
The pool area will be cleared at 8:00 PM and anyone wishing to see the movie will be charged $3.00 to be let back into the pool area at 8:30 PM to see it.  Swimming is allowed while the movie is being shown.  For more information, call 512-261-3000.
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  • Friday - July 17th - Aladdin (2019) - Walt Disney Pictures - Rated PG - 128 minutes
  • Friday - July 31st - Toy Story 4 - Walt Disney Pictures - Rated G - 100 minutes
 To download the 2020 Dive-In Movies brochure, click here!
 For more information, call 512-261-3000.