City of Lakeway's Mission & Vision


  • We will use our resources in a cost-effective manner to provide quality streets, parks and greenbelts, recreational activities, and professional government services.
  • We will maintain a secure environment for all citizens by carefully planning ingress and egress to the city and by providing a well-trained police force.
  • We will continue to encourage, foster, develop, and utilize a strong volunteer corps in many facets of city government.
  • We will ensure that all new development will complement our desired quality of life and will be an asset to the community.
  • We will work with local merchants to ensure that business development is mutually beneficial to the business interests and the quality of life in City of Lakeway.
  • We will work with our neighboring municipalities to ensure local area growth is compatible with our objectives.
  • We will attempt, where possible, to maintain natural physical buffers on our borders, such as Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country, to ensure the separate identity and character of the City of Lakeway.
  • We will strive to ensure that RM 620 and other commercial corridors are developed in a manner that reflects the uniqueness, special character, and quality of life in the City of Lakeway.


The City of Lakeway will continue to be a unique, prestigious, growth-managed community that will meet the needs of its citizens through the efforts of its local government and civic-minded volunteers.

We will ensure a continued high quality of life by providing safe, secure neighborhoods and cost effective, efficient government services.