Code Enforcement

Responsibilities & Services

Code Enforcement is a division of the Building & Development Services (BDS) Department. Code Enforcement Officers perform the investigation, research, and evaluation associated with the coordination of the improvement or rehabilitation of code violations in private and public properties within the City’s jurisdiction.  They assist with the determination of health hazards, nuisance violations, unsafe building conditions, and violations of any health, building, or land use regulation, statute, or ordinance.

Through staggered shifts, Code Enforcement Officers patrol the City and its extra-territorial jurisdiction (an area immediately outside the city limits where the City has limited jurisdiction) seven days a week to ensure compliance with applicable City regulations.

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BDS also oversees the inspection of food establishments through the city’s contract with the Austin / Travis County Health and Human Services Department. Click on the link to go to the Restaurant Inspection Scores Page on the City of Austin website.

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