Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Department - formerly Code Enforcement Department - is undergoing a department makeover and rebranding effort with a focus on voluntary compliance.

The department not only changed in name from Code Enforcement to Code Compliance, but it also will change in mission, core commitments and values. This makeover also will include updated procedures and communications with a focus on education and community building.


Internal Updates

  • Mission, Vision, Goals
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Training and Education Focused on Customer Service

External Updates

  • Educational Materials and Activities
  • Update Ordinances as Needed
  • Code Compliance Department Re-Branding

Right of Entry Ordinance Updated

Lakeway City Council on Feb. 19 amended its ordinances regarding right of entry by a code compliance officer into a property to administer or enforce city building codes.

Essentially, permission to enter a private property can only be granted by the property owner, resident, tenant, lessee, or the designated agent of the owner.

Code Amendments (coming soon)

  • What requires a permit?
  • Boats, RVs