Becoming an Instructor at the Activity Center

The Lakeway Activity Center is a multi-use facility owned and operated by the City for the purpose of conducting, promoting, and facilitating outstanding social, civic and recreational activities and to do this in the most cost effective manner possible. In addition, classes are offered throughout the year to all age groups. Class requests are to be submitted and scheduled for the following seasons:

• Winter Schedule (January-February-March)
• Spring Schedule (April-May-June)
• Summer Schedule (July-August-September)
• Fall Schedule (October-November-December)

The Program Coordinator will request instructors to submit class requests approximately 90 days before each season. Class requests are prioritized by returning instructors first and date of receipt second. Space availability is limited, not all class requests may be accepted or approved. To be added to our Instructor listings and be contacted for our next class submission, e-mail or call our staff at (512) 261-1010.

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