Approved caterer at the Activity Center

The Lakeway Activity Center would like to take this opportunity to orient you to some of the requirements for caterers at this facility.

Only caterers/vendors that are on the City of Lakeway’s Approved Caterers/Alcohol Vendors List will be allowed to provide service to the Activity Center. If you are interested in providing service to the Activity Center, please fill out the Request For Catering/Alcohol Services form and attach the appropriate information required to be considered for our Approved List. This list is made available to customers desiring services for functions at the Activity Center. Please deliver or mail the completed forms to: Lakeway Activity Center, 105 Cross Creek, Lakeway, TX 78734-4470 or fax them to us at: (512) 261-5033.

The lessee may rent the kitchen at the rate as stated in the “Rates and Rental Schedule” and provide their own caterer. Anytime alcohol is sold to the general public at the Center and the event is ticketed, the City will receive $75 or $2 per person whichever is greater from the Alcohol Vendor. On a non-ticketed event, the City will receive $25 an hour from the Alcohol Vendor if beer/wine is served or $50 an hour when all forms of alcohol are served. The Alcohol Vendor shall provide proof of liability insurance acceptable to the City that includes coverage for liquor-related liability and names the City as an additional insured. All local and state laws pertaining to alcoholic beverages must be adhered to. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact our staff at: (512) 261-1010 or email

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