Wildlife Advisory Committee

Welcome to Lakeway’s Wildlife Advisory Committee!  WAC is here to help residents learn about local wildlife and celebrate interacting with these precious and varied creatures.

Lakeway is a unique community that includes abundant wildlife native to Central Texas. Residents frequently say that our wildlife is what makes Lakeway special and why they love living here.  We agree!

WAC is dedicated to promoting the health, welfare, and safety of our community, both human and wildlife, including our amazing deer herd.  We provide useful information for the public with links to experts, rescue resources and more, all to foster enjoyment and harmonious cohabitation with our wildlife. Deer and many other creatures are plentiful in the Hill Country, and Lakeway has no physical boundaries.  It follows that we need to learn to co-exist with our wildlife.

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Mission Statement

WAC will make strategic, research-based recommendations to the Lakeway City Council to ensure the safety of the community and our local wildlife. We will strive to ensure the long-term habitation of a stable and healthy wildlife population utilizing community education as well as sound and humane wildlife management techniques that are fiscally responsible and supported by the community. WAC will utilize the guidance of wildlife professionals, state and federal agencies, local experts and community input to inform and guide our recommendations. 


The committee meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Lakeway City Hall, 1102 Lohmans Crossing.

  • Ted Windecker, Chair
  • Pam Bunn
  • Mike Burke
  • Julie Martenson
  • Ted McKnight
  • Georgia Migliuri
  • Marc Schermerhorn
  • Lynne Hook
  • Nicholas Bergam, Alternate

Council Liaison

  • Councilmember Christopher Forton