Deer Management Committee


A committee was created by the City Council in the summer of 1999, with the following purposes:
  • To evaluate the situation concerning our deer and provide recommendations to significantly reduce the herd
  • To recommend procedures for compiling data relating to auto accidents involving deer and dead deer removal
  • To provide input to the City and Texas Parks and Wildlife to attain permits to significantly remove deer through trapping, transplanting or processing
  • To advocate to state legislators the need to provide specific avenues for affected municipalities in the State of Texas to limit excess deer
  • To suggest specific goals each year to determine a Deer Management Plan in order to maintain a herd below 500


  • Charles Edwards, Chair
  • Joel Borden
  • Bill Cobb
  • Chuck Moreland
  • Perry Olander
  • Wayne Seime
  • Dwight Haley, City Council Liaison