Basic Rental


The basic rental includes:
  • Facility space
  • Set-up / take-down of tables and chairs
  • Electric power, lights, heating, air-conditioning, water
  • Tables and chairs
  • Building Attendant
Failure to provide any of these due to circumstances beyond the control of the Activity Center will not be considered a breach of contract.

Activity Center telephones are reserved exclusively for Activity Center business. Activity Center telephone numbers may be published as an official show, event, or convention number. The Activity Center phones may be used for emergency purposes only. A phone is available in the lobby for customer and public local calls.

Amounts owed for rental fees are due 10 working days prior to the event. A $25 administrative fee may be accessed for each change after that time. The cost to repair or replace damaged items and other charges applied to Lessee are due 15 days after the event. Payments received after the 15 days will be assessed a late fee of $10 per day. Past due accounts will be turned over for collection.