Live Oaks: Highly Susceptible

Recognizing Live Oaks

Live oaks are semi-evergreen, retaining their leaves through winter and shedding them in early spring. The leathery oval leaves occasionally have irregular pointed tips scattered around the margin.

Live oaks, the most abundant oaks in Lakeway, are highly prized for their beauty. Hundreds of Lakeway's live oaks have been lost to oak wilt.
Large Infected Live Oak -Losing leaves at the Crown

Symptoms in Live Oaks

Trees appear thin and yellowish from a distance

Leaves drop from the top down

Leaves often show "fish bone" pattern of brown midrib and veins

85% mortality on average (varies from site to site)

15% survive but most look pretty ragged

Most die within 2-6 months, some linger for years

Not known to produce spore-producing fungal mats

Note: Live oaks may not be planted in Lakeway. See Lakeway Oak Wilt Ordinances or Section 24.02.402 of the Lakeway Code of Ordinances for more information.