Safety & Security


Lessees, event managers, exhibitors, service contractors, and all other involved parties must comply with all Federal, State, and Municipal fire codes that apply to places of public assembly. Failure to comply with this provision can result in the Lessee receiving a written citation.

  • All exit doors of the building must remain unlocked, unobstructed, and in proper operating condition; exit signs must function properly and be visible from all areas.
  • All exits, hallways and aisles leading from the Activity Center are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • The use of open flames, flammable liquid, or material under high pressure is prohibited. Candles in globes on tables are permitted (No pillars, tapers, triple-wicks or floating candles.).
  • There shall be no obstruction blocking exit doors from the outside of the Activity Center, such as autos parked in doorways or barricades or sidewalks.
  • No vehicles shall be parked in the fire lanes or the loading/unloading dock area outside of Activity Center. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.        
  • Fire fighting and emergency equipment may not be hidden or obstructed, including fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets, fire alarm pull station and stand pipes.
  • All electrical equipment must be UL approved.
  • All service contractors, event related working personnel, temporary labor, and volunteers should enter and exit the Activity Center through designated entrances and have proper identification.
  • Proper aisle space is required in around, and through an event for the safety of the occupants of the Activity Center Management.
  • Electrical needs beyond the Activity Center’s existing electrical wall outlets will require the services of a licensed electrician hired by the lessee and approved in advance by Activity Center Management.
  • Use of live Christmas trees must be approved by the Fire Department.
  • Use of barbecue pits will be permitted in the open-air area on the grass.

Public Areas

Meeting Room E, Coffee Bar Area, Rest rooms, Foyer, Reception Area, and Center Parking lots are considered public areas and are not under Lessee's exclusive control. All events utilizing public areas such as registration, special exhibits or display, etc. must be approved in advance.

Detailed floor plans with specifications are to be submitted to Center Management for approval. Activities in public areas must take into consideration the requirements of other tenants utilizing the Center. Clear access must be maintained in the reception desk and foyer area of the Center.

Loading Dock, Exhibits, and Parking Areas

  • Handicap parking spaces in the Center parking lot area are reserved for handicapped only.
  • No parking is allowed in the loading/unloading dock area. Vehicles are allowed in this area to load or unload only.
  • Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner's expense.


  • The Center provides labor for set-ups/take-downs of all chairs, tables, microphones, lecterns, wall dividers, and lighting.
  • Any exhibit, display, decorating or other set-up/take-down labor shall be the responsibility of Lessee or their service contractors.
  • All items to be suspended from Center ceilings, including sign displays, light and sound equipment, etc., must be approved in advance through Center Manager.
  • Lessees and their service contractors are responsible for removal of bulk trash, crates, pallets, packing material, lumber, etc., prior to event opening and following move-out.
Events or circumstances not covered in these operating policies and procedures may be subject to special consideration and stipulations as deemed appropriate by the Center Manager.