Building Use Policy


  • Signs, posters, and banners may be attached to the building both inside and outside in some places and must be approved in advance by the Activity Center Management. No drilling of the structure is allowed without specific approval from Activity Center Management. Any means of attachment must be non-destructive to the structure.
  • Signs, posters, and banners may not be attached to the ceiling or walls; they may, however, be attached to the wooden tack strip around the ballroom walls.
  • Open flames or fog machines are not allowed. Lessee may be subject to false alarm fee if alarm switch is pulled without cause.
  • Damage to the Activity Center’s property or equipment shall be the responsibility of the Lessee and/or organization causing such damage. Lessee is invited to inspect leased areas prior to set-up and following take down. Damages should be reported immediately to Activity Center Management.
  • Gum is not permitted at the activity center.
  • Glitter, rice, confetti, or other granular material may not be used on the premises. Birdseed may be used outside.
  • Animals and pets are not permitted (with exception of seeing eye, law enforcement, and handicapped assistance dogs) in the building except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, display, or performance legitimately requiring use of animals.
  • The Activity Center’s permanent graphics, signs or displays may not be visibly blocked in any manner. Temporary signs may not be repositioned unless previously arranged with Activity Center Management.
  • Permanent planters and furniture in public areas are not to be removed or repositioned.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Activity Center.
  • Only Activity Center personnel are allowed to move motorized wall dividers, operate thermostats, adjust lights, and lock / unlock doors.
  • House lighting, ventilation, and heat/air conditioning will be provided during the lease period. Energy conservation is of prime concern. Ventilation and air conditioning will be provided to reduce the risk of heat related illnesses.
  • All carts used to unload / load in the Activity Center must have rubber or neoprene tires. Metal wheels must not have direct contact with the floor. All booms and scissor lifts must have non-marking tires or tires must be wrapped. If outriggers are used, there must be a 2” wood block and carpet between the outrigger and the floor. Lessee will get prior approval from Activity Center Management if there is any risk to flooring.
  • With prior approval from Activity Center Management, individuals and organizations may post notices on the cork bulletin board.
  • Intoxication, abusive or profane language, offensive gestures or displays, threats, assault, vandalism, unreasonable loud noise, fighting, theft, horseplay, speeding, reckless use of vehicles or equipment, use or possession of illegal or controlled substances of any kind, and all other inappropriate actions will result in immediate removal from the premises and prosecution if appropriate.
  • The user is responsible for providing all necessary licenses for their activity.
  • Any music outside of the facility must have prior approval from Activity Center Management and is subject to the city’s noise ordinance and to time restrictions.

Public Areas

  • Meeting Room E, Restrooms, Foyer, Reception Area, and Activity Center parking lots are considered public areas and are not under Lessee’s exclusive control. Any exceptions must be approved by the Activity Center Manager.
  • All events utilizing public areas such as registration, exhibits, displays, etc. must be approved in advance.
  • Activities in public areas must take into consideration the requirements of other tenants utilizing the Activity Center.
  • Clear access must be maintained in the reception desk and foyer area of the Activity Center.

Decorating Guidelines

  • Activity Center Management will work with any individual, group, or organization in regards to decorating in the Activity Center before anything is put up in the Activity Center. The following guidelines are listed to aid in planning decorations.
  • Decorations may not be attached to the ceiling or walls; however, they may be attached to the wooden tack strip around the ballroom walls.
  • No painting may be done inside the building (This applies to decorating only).
  • Users must provide their own materials such as scissors, wire, lights, pins, paper, tools, electrical extension cords, etc.
  • Candle drippings should be prevented from falling on tablecloths, tableware, floor, etc.
  • Electrical outlets are located along the walls of the facility. Do not overload electrical circuits. Any extension cord used must be properly secured to prevent tripping.
  • General-purpose ladders should be provided by individuals. Motorized equipment to reach additional heights is not available at the Activity Center, but may be available through a service contractor.
  • The Activity Center is not responsible for the security of your decorations. Steps must be taken to ensure guests know whether or not the centerpiece is included in ticket prices.
  • All decorations must be fire retardant.
  • Lessee is responsible for removal of decorations and trash following event move-out.