Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room D

Meeting Room D has a sink and a mirrored wall. It has a capacity of 39 and is ideal for arts and craft classes, scout troop meetings, and small discussion groups.

Room specifications: Size: 21'6" x 26'6"; Ceiling height: 9'4"

Typical Seating Floor Plans

  • Lecture Sitting
  • Discussion / Conference Table Seating

Meeting Room E

Meeting Room E is primarily used as a small library with a capacity of 16 and quiet area. The reservation of this room requires the approval of the Activity Center Manager.

Room specifications: Size: 19'6" x 25'; Ceiling height: 9'4" 

Typical Seating Floor Plans

  • Card Playing

Meeting Room F

Meeting Room F is ideal for classroom-style lectures of no more than 69 people. The room can accommodate up to 13 card / game tables for bridge, mahjong, and other fun activities. For smaller dinner parties, Room F can be set up with five of our six foot diameter dinner tables.

Room specifications: Size: 27'6" x 35'6"; Ceiling height: 9'4"

Typical Seating Floor Plans

  • Lecture Seating
  • Card Table Seating
  • Dinner Seating for 50
  • Discussion Group