Recycling Information

Recyclable Items

  • Paper products : Corrugated cardboard, boxboard containers, food boxes (such as dry food boxes and frozen food containers), soda and beverage boxes and carriers, shoe boxes, newspapers, (including slick paper inserts), magazines, catalogs, telephone books, wrapping paper, sticky notes, paperback books, paper bags, Kraft paper, chipboard, junk mail, and inserts, residential mixed paper, high-grade paper, white and colored ledger, copier paper, office paper, laser printer paper, computer paper (including continuous- formed, perforated white bond or green bar paper), book paper, cotton fiber content paper, duplicator paper, form bond, paper envelopes, facsimile paper, manila folders.
  • Aluminum or Steel Cans : Remove product and rinse. Labels may be left on.
  • Plastics #1 through #7 : Bottles, cups, jugs, bowls, plastic eating utensils, buckets, baskets, carriers, crates, toys (free of metal), laundry baskets, lawn furniture, pots and trays, dish drainers, trash cans, metal beverage containers with or without paper labels, rings and caps or lids.

Non-Recyclable Items

  • E-Waste : computers,TVs, e-readers, fax machines, flash drives, printers, routers, scanners, cable/satellite receivers, calculators, camcorders, gaming consoles, speakers, phones, cameras, hard drives, keyboards, tablets, video streaming devices, battery back up devices, webcams, accessories, adapters and cables.
  • Non-Recyclable Paper Products : pizza boxes, paper towels, facial or toilet tissue, disposable paper plates and cups, dark colored envelopes & folders, gifts bags, shredded paper.
  • Non-Recyclable Plastics : plastic bags and packaging, plastic film, Styrofoam, motor oil bottles, expanded polystyrene. 
  • Glass : broken glass, light bulbs, mirrors, window panes, dishes, cups, ornaments, decorations, Pyrex, porcelain, china, ceramics.
  • Ink/Toner Cartridges : cartridges may be taken to Office Depot or Best Buy stores for recycling.
  • Non-Recyclable Metal : coat hangers, paint & solvent containers, scrap metal, nails, screws, gutters. 
  • Yard waste - please DO NOT place leaves or yard waste in recycle carts.

Recycling Services 

Batteries Plus Bulbs


E-Cycle Enterprises


Best Buy


Texas Recycles Computers

Austin Recycling Center