Pirate Canoe Battle

Pirate Canoe Battle

Join Lakeway Parks & Recreation for the battle of the Summer!!

Teams of 3 will join together in a battle to be the last canoe afloat. 

2 age brackets will compete. 12 and under, and 13+.

The rules are simple - When the whistle blows, use buckets provided by Lakeway Swim Center to sink the opposing canoe. Last one above water moves onto the next round!

All ages are welcome!

Participate as a team or as an individual and we will partner you with teammates on site. No pre-registration necessary.

Battles start at 6 PM. Arrive a few minutes early to register on site.IMG_0770


Please wear proper swim gear. No blue jeans, overalls, yacht pants, or makeshift swimwear permitted. Prepare to get soaked! 

Update: PFD's are not required to participate but are permitted if preferred. The event takes place in a pool that is 3 feet deep.

Be sure to wear sunscreen! Protective eye wear is also permitted.

Call 512-314-7532 for more information.