12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Flyer - 2021

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Scavenger hunt fun for the whole family!

Lakeway Parks & Recreation hid 12 light displays throughout Lakeway. Can you find them all?

Click HERE to download the answer form, or create your own! As long as it has the location and corresponding number on the display it will be accepted for entry into the prize drawing.

Here are a few examples of the lights you will be hunting for:

12 Days of Christmas - Scavenger Hunt - 11 - Piper Piping

12 Days of Christmas - Scavenger Hunt - 5 - Golden Rings

12 Days of Christmas - Scavenger Hunt - 2 - Turtle Dove

Use the following clues to find each of the light displays. Once you find all 12, send the form and a photo of yourself on the hunt to [email protected] and you will be entered into a drawing to win Holiday Prize Packs!


*Who loves a green belt more than Santa? It matches his suit perfectly! This greenbelt may not be an article of clothing, but it is where you will find your first light display.

* This next location has housed many city departments over the years including City Hall and Lakeway PD. Now Santa only has to visit if Dasher and Dancer get a ticket for driving too quickly through town!

* A lot of 'activity' happens at this location. From Witches Ride to fencing classes, it serves up fun for the whole community. Santa leaves his magical mailbox here during the holidays so that you can send letters directly to the North Pole!

* This next location is one of the most historic buildings in Lakeway. Santa has visited it hundreds of times! It is a wonderful example of 1860's building techniques. Its recent structural improvements will ensure it remains a treasure for many future generations. 

*This next location was established in 1972 and their offices provides water and wastewater services to many homes in the area. They also provide the community with helpful water saving tips. In front of their building is a Santa Claus that looks just like the real person!

* This center is a special part of Lakeway Parks & Recreation. Part of their mission is to educate youth and adults on Lakeway's historical significance. Rudolph loves to view the monument from the sky. Say hi to Mr. Boston if you stop by during business hours!

* All the reindeer love playing this game! This field stays very busy during the summer as residents enjoy America's national past time.

* This next location is a popular spot for Lakeway residents all year long. You can play games, walk your dog, and much more. We think Mrs. Claus would love to picnic here with Santa!

* The name of this park might conjure visions of fire breathing winged creatures. While you won't find one here, you will find a soccer field big enough for all the elves to play!

* At this next location, you will find a popular Parks & Recreation location full of lifeguards, lily pads, and tall slides. It is just the right spot for Santa to get some sun during the Summer months!

*The last 2 locations make Lakeway residents smile when they drive by. They mark two of the busiest intersections in town and recently got a makeover to feature the current city logo along with some updated landscaping. Rudolph is going to love seeing the new artwork when he comes to town!

Winners will be announced on or before January 4, 2022. Residency not required. Prize Packs must be picked up at Lakeway Activity Center, they cannot be mailed or delivered.

Happy Holidays Lakeway!