A Night with the Austin Symphony Orchestra

Students and Austin Symphony Members playing music together dressed in all black
Students and Austin Symphony Members playing music together dressed in all black
Students and Austin Symphony Members playing music together dressed in all black
ASO photo Mar 2022 1

2024 Performance

DATE: Sunday, March 3, 2024


LOCATION: Lake Travis Performing Arts Center





ASO Conductor and Director Peter Bay regarding a previous performance: "My thanks and gratitude to everyone on the Arts Committee and the City of Lakeway who allowed us the privilege of combining the talents of the wonderful students at Lake Travis High School with those of the Austin Symphony Orchestra. This concert was one of the most gratifying in which I can remember taking part, especially to hear the level of playing from the students rise from the first rehearsal to the concert. And to have such a large and enthusiastic audience present made the experience even more meaningful to us all."

"Thank you so much for your contributions to the orchestra this year," wrote a Lake Travis High School student in a note to Arts Committee Chair Janet Wright. "I am a junior that got to participate in the side by side, and in my almost five years of being in the orchestra program, I have never had such a unique opportunity. It was so fun and I'll never forget it."


The first collaborative performance took place the end of 2019 at the Lake Travis Performing Arts Center. After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, another performance took place in the Spring of 2022. Arts Committee member Allisyn Martin was a former principal dancer with Ballet Austin, and has known Maestro Peter Bay for over two decades. In 2017, talks began between the two regarding how to bring the Austin Symphony Orchestra to the audiences of Lake Travis. A further conversation began with Arts Committee Chair Janet Wright, along with Maestro Peter Bay, LTISD Fine Arts Director Charles Aguillon, LTISD Orchestra Director Anna Macias and LTISD Band Director Richard Hicks. The conversation helped bring about the collaborative performance you see today. 

After the first performance in 2019, Maestro Peter Bay was so impressed that he decided to give the student musicians more and more roles in the concert in 2022. The concert has continued to grow since its beginnings, with the Lakeway Arts Committee, Lake Travis High School and Austin Symphony Orchestra in continued discussions to plan future events for the Lake Travis community. It's not only an opportunity to listen to some amazing classical music from the stellar Austin Symphony Orchestra, but gives the talented students with Lake Travis High School a chance to play with professional musicians in a formal concert experience. The music, performance and smiles will make it a memorable evening. We invite you to come and see for yourself!