geese Live Oak 13 12-13-18
One-Foot Cardinal 8
Roadrunner 3
peacock 7-10-16
geese family on Yaupon pond
Great Blue Heron on LO14
Woodpecker--Tom Connors
Egret--Tom Connors

From hummingbirds to turkey vultures, roadrunners to woodpeckers, and owls to bald eagles—Texas has a huge variety of birds.

Lakeway is an Audubon designated area. Travis Audubon has good information on local birds.

A good start on identifying what you are seeing in your yard is the laminated folding brochures on Texas birds that tend to be at the checkout counters of HEB. Here is one you can get from Amazon. Birds of Central Texas $8.95

Birds slamming into windows may be dazed or even unconscious, but they often recover completely given a little time.  If you find a stunned or injured bird, move it to a box in a safe location.  Birds cannot breathe well when on their backs or sides, so make a doughnut-shaped support out of paper or cardboard scraps or weeds and brush; tuck the bird loosely into the doughnut hole, so it is propped upright.  Do not give food or water; birds easily aspirate liquid, which can be fatal.  You may contact a rehabber via the Wildlife Resources tab located near the bottom of the menu to the left.

Travis County Balcones Canyonlands Preserve hosted The Buzz on Hummingbirds, a fun and informative 1-hour webinar on hummingbirds in Central Texas.  Click this link to watch!

If you're interested in more on the local bird population, consider joining this Facebook group devoted to Travis County birds:

If you are an avid birder and would like to share the joys of Central Texas birds with other residents, let us know and we will add your contact info to this page.

Thanks to residents T. Connors and N. Davis for the bird photos.