Great Blue Heron on LO14geese family on Yaupon pondWoodpecker--Tom Connors
Egret--Tom ConnorsHummer 8-14-15roadrunner
Photos, left to right.
Heron, N. Davis
Family of Geese, N. Davis
Woodpecker, T. Connors
Egret, T. Connors
Hummingbird, N. Davis
Roadrunner, N. Davis

From hummingbirds to turkey vultures, roadrunners to woodpeckers, to owls and hawks—Texas has a huge variety of birds.

Lakeway is an Audubon designated area. Travis Audubon has good information on local birds.

A good start on identifying what you are seeing in your yard is the laminated folding brochures on Texas birds that tend to be at the checkout counters of HEB. Here is one you can get from Amazon. Birds of Central Texas $8.95

These local residents are avid birders: