coral snake Kim LippyTexas has 4 venomous snakes—rattlesnakes, cottonmouths (aka water moccasins), copperheads and coral snakes.

Here are some helpful websites, with snake info and good identifying photos:

To identify local snakes, look for a handy laminated brochure at places like the HEB checkout. Or, get this from Amazon: Snakes of Central Texas  $7.95

The vast majority of snakes here are beneficial, eating rodents and insects that you probably don’t want around your home.

If you find a venomous snake, you can contact a snake wrangler to safely and humanely relocate it where it will not harm humans or pets.  Here are a couple options:

--Harry Downing [email protected] 512-695-4146. Contact him for humane relocation.  Also, if you email or text a photo, he will identify it as venomous or not, free of charge.  He does charge to relocate venomous snakes.

--Mike and Donnie Chandler, aka Roadrunner Solution, may be contacted by phone at (512) 228-6304 or 512-561-1568, or by email: [email protected].  Contact these brothers about your snake concerns, including help identifying species and the cost for humane relocation. You may also visit their Facebook page here:

Photo by resident, K. Lippy