coyoteCoyotes are increasingly seen all over Lakeway. Omnivores, they are out during the day and often travel in packs. Large (up to 50 pounds) and aggressive, coyotes will kill deer and smaller wildlife. Coyotes also attack and kill small pets, even in broad daylight. Cats, in particular those allowed out of the house at night unsupervised, are frequently killed by coyotes. KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE. Small dogs have been snatched from yards and porches by coyotes, so keep close watch on all pets. People may feel menaced by coyotes; yelling may scare them off, but carrying a security whistle is a good idea. Don’t turn away or run. Yell or make any loud noise you can. Make eye contact. Try to appear larger than life by waving arms, a jacket or whatever else is handy. When walking your dog, use a short leash so that you and your dog appear to be one large adversary. Experts say coyotes ignore long or extendable leashes, registering 2 smaller adversaries, as they decide whether to attack.