Feeding the Deer - PLEASE DON'T

We know—the deer are adorable. And, we love them too. But they aren’t pets. They are wild animals, and feeding the deer hurts them much more than it helps.  

Feeding corn is the worst; like giving a toddler a plateful of candy, corn provides no nourishment. But, feeding deer anything is bad for them, as it makes them less wary of humans. It also encourages deer to congregate in the area. This increases the chance of vehicle collisions and friction with neighbors who may not like deer as much as you do. Negative interactions with people are the greatest danger to deer.  

Feeding deer is also against the law in Lakeway. To keep residents and our precious deer safe, the city passed an ordinance prohibiting feeding. It is illegal to place wheat, pelleted livestock food, corn in any form, fruit, vegetables, hay or alfalfa, human food, scraps any form of commercially sold wildlife feed, birdseed, or livestock feed, or, any other edible matter that deer will consume (not including live vegetation such as ornamental landscaping or flowers) on the ground, or within reach of deer. Any person who violates the provisions of this city ordinance commits a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $1 and not more than $500.

By following this ordinance and NOT feeding our deer, you will help reduce the potential for negative interactions in residential areas and encourage the deer to adhere to their normal diet.