Deer Resistant Landscaping

Deer snacking on ornamental landscaping is a common complaint. Whether moving to Lakeway or redesigning your yard, please consider using deer resistant plants. Area gardeners say our deer are less interested in native plants including Texas Sage, Mountain Laurel, and Lantana; flowers like zinnias, pansies and periwinkles/vincas are usually safe, as well.  Remember that no plant is 100% deer proof. Here are some resources for deer resistant plants:

Tips for protecting vulnerable plants:

Spray Repellant: Non-toxic but stinky sprays are available from garden centers. Those smelling strongly of sulphur (rotten eggs) seem to work best for deterring deer. The Humane Society Guide linked on this site recommends this brand specifically: Deer Away Big Game Repellent. Any product must be applied every couple weeks and after rain.

Water: A “scarecrow” type of device uses a motion detector and a hose to squirt water at any animal coming into an area.  Check home improvement and garden stores and websites.

Garden Fencing: Temporary wire mesh will protect new plantings, which deer and other animals find especially delectable. Location: Place plants vulnerable to deer in your back yard behind sturdy and tall fencing.

Lakeway is fortunate to have many residents who are gifted gardeners and also well versed in the ways of our deer. If this describes you, and you are willing to help your neighbors, please let us know and we will add your contact info here. You can email us at [email protected]