Adult Deer Needing Help

Stuck in a fence

If you find a deer stuck between metal fence pickets (or worse, impaled on top of metal spikes or open pickets) call Lakeway police ASAP at 512-261-2600.  They get a lot of deer/fence calls and know how to handle the situation.

Deer stuck between pickets will be older fawns or younger does.  The officer will cover the deer’s head to calm it and then push it backward. If the deer has not suffered internal injuries, even severe external scarring usually heals quickly.  

Deer impaled on top of metal fences can sometimes be removed alive, but this is often a fatal situation.  (Click here for fence information). If necessary, the officer will shoot/euthanize the deer.

There is a Fencing ordinance now requiring new fencing to have a continuous flat top, for safety of wildlife and also people.  

Other Injuries

If you find an injured deer or have one hanging out in your yard, the key point is whether or not it is mobile.  If so, not much can be done since it will run away from people trying to help.  If it is NOT mobile, the next issue is location.

  • If the deer is in or near a road, call Lakeway police immediately as this is a traffic hazard.  The best number is the dispatch line 512-261-2899.
  • If the deer is NOT a traffic hazard, check with these groups for advice:

            All Things Wild animal rehab  512-897-0806   

            Austin Wildlife Rescue  512-472-9453  

Here is a full list from Texas Parks and Wildlife of licensed rehabbers (deer, small mammals, birds, etc.), current as of November 2021.

Carcass Pick Up

When the worst happens, contact Lakeway’s Public Works Department for dead animal removal at 512-608-9000.