City Treasurer

Per Section 4.06 of the City of Lakeway City Charter, the Mayor, subject to the approval of the City Council, shall appoint a Treasurer and such Assistant Treasurers as the Council may deem advisable.

Harold Copher Jr. was appointed in 2021 to serve as the City treasurer.  


October FY21November FY21December FY21January FY21February FY21March FY21
April FY21May FY21June FY21July FY21August FY21September FY21


October FY20November FY20December FY20January FY20February FY20March FY20
April FY20May FY20June FY20July FY20August FY20September FY20


October FY19November FY19December FY19January FY19February FY19March FY19
April FY19May FY19June FY19July FY19August FY19 
September FY19


October FY18November FY18December FY18January FY18February FY18March FY18
April FY18May FY18June FY18July FY18August FY18September FY18


October FY17November FY17December FY17January FY17February FY17March FY17
April FY17May FY17June FY17July FY17August FY17September FY17


January FY16February FY16March FY16April FY16May FY16June FY16
July FY16August FY16September FY16