Earth Day Fact Find

Great job to everyone who participated in our Earth Day Fact Find. You are all very knowledgeable about ways to reduce waste and protect our environment to ensure a beautiful Lakeway for years to come.  We had over 60 entries! 3 winners of our conservation prize pack were chosen at random. Our 2021 Winners are:

Karen Fingerman

Katherine Ellins


Tatum Weichman



Earth Day Fact Find - LAC Newsletter

As part of The City of Lakeway's Earth Day celebration, Parks & Recreation invites you to join us for an event that will test your environmental knowledge in a scavenger hunt style game!

From April 10 - April 25, ten Earth Day themed questions will be hidden in Lakeway City Park. 


(These clues do not necessarily correspond to the question number at each location)

1. This area is a favorite for man's best friend. (lower level)

2. Finding this next location is a slam dunk! (lower level)

3. Step off this exercise equipment and down the small path to find this question. (lower level) 

4. While you sit along the edge and enjoy the scenic view, you may see a question too. (lower level)

5. Lakeway pride flies high at this location. (lower level)

6. Look for this question at a place where you can refill your reusable water bottle. (lower level)

7. A monument in the shape of our state holds this question on it's back. (upper level)

8. Find information and a clue here. (upper level)

9. Batter up! Practice looking nearby for this question. (upper level)

10. When caterpillars transform, they head to this garden to look for food. (upper/lower level path)

When you find a question, use your cell phone camera to scan the corresponding QR code. Then follow the link to answer the question in an online form.

You get an entry into the prize drawing for EACH question you find and answer correctly! 

For more information, or to report a missing question:

Contact or call 512.314.7532