PEC Tree Maintenance Project: January and February 2021

Pedernales Electric Cooperative is reaching out to customers in Lakeway during December about an upcoming project to clear vegetation around electric lines.  The project will take place in January and February after all customers whose trees need attention have been notified.

Customers of Pedernales Electric whose trees may be trimmed for electric line clearance will receive a notice by letter or email in mid-December.  They will be contacted a second time prior to the start of the work, either with a door hanger or in person.  PEC customers who do not receive notices by letter or email are not on PEC’s schedule for tree maintenance.

Hurst Creek Rd GB - PEC project

Many trees under the power lines in the Hurst Creek Road Greenbelt will be trimmed or removed by PEC for truck access as well as wildfire safety.  

  • Trees that are flagged green will be pruned.
  • Trees that are flagged pink will be removed.
  • All cedar trees next to the wooden fence on the south side of the greenbelt will be taken out.


Removing the cedar trees next to the fence will reduce fire intensity close to the homes on Fantail Loop and Mooring Circle in the event that wildfire occurs in the Hurst Creek Road Greenbelt.  It will also make it safer for firefighters and PEC repair crews to enter the greenbelt and drive under the power line in case of emergencies.



  • Joshua Mann at Pedernales Electric Cooperative may be contacted with questions about this vegetation maintenance project ( or 800-868-4791 ext. 6227).
  • Lakeway City Forester Carrie Burns will handle questions and concerns about trees to be removed in the Hurst Creek Road Greenbelt ( or 512-314-7538).
  • Lakeway’s Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Chris Rea can talk to you about wildfire fuels reduction on city property as well as private property ( or 512-645-5840).