12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt


Announcing the 5 winners:

Anabelle Trentacosti

Brett Cranford

Carter Lee

Teri O'Brien

TJ McAloon

We had SO many entries - thank you all for playing and we hope it added to your holiday fun!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

A super fun scavenger hunt game!

12 light displays are hidden around Lakeway. 

Can you find them all? 

Locate all 12 displays and you will be entered into a prize drawing!


December 1 - 31


12 different locations around Lakeway

How to Play?

1. Print the scavenger hunt form by clicking here HERE and take it on your hunt. Write down each of the locations under the corresponding number when you find a light display

2. Snap at least 1 photo of yourself on the hunt

3.  Find all 12 locations. Use the clues listed to the right to help in your search

4. Submit your photo(s) along with a picture of your completed scavenger hunt form by emailing events@lakeway-tx.gov. Be sure to include the name of each player!

Other details

Please email events@lakeway-tx.gov or call 512.314.7532 to schedule a form pickup if you do not have access to a printer. Or make your own form! As long as it lists each location and the number on the light display located there, it will be accepted for entry in the prize drawing

You do not have to leave your vehicle to take a photo. As long as we can see that you are on the hunt, and found the display at a location, it will be accepted for entry in the prize drawing. We love to see your smiling faces playing the game!

Examples of each light display are located in the scrolling photos to the right

For more information or questions please contact events@lakeway-tx.gov or call 512.314.7532 Monday - Friday from 8a-5p

Please email all submissions by midnight on January 4th. The drawing will take place January 5th. Winners will be contacted via email.


These clues will help you find each of the display locations.

The clue order does not correspond to the number on the display at each location.

Jack and Myrtle donated this space to the City of Lakeway in 1990. The long belt of green trees makes it a popular spot for hiking and bird watching.

When things heat up, Lakeway residents head to this popular spot to cool down. On New Years it is warm so you can take a plunge during the cold weather. Skateboarding is also popular at the adjacent park.

Head to the place that houses documents and memorabilia chronicling Lakeway history to find the next display. There is a memorial in front dedicated to Veterans of Lakeway. 

You will find a display where you find the officers who protect and serve the residents of Lakeway. Their cars also have sirens and flashing lights!

Find another display at the intersection of 2 major roads in Lakeway. One of the roads has the town's name right in it! The other road has a 3 digit number for a name. The area is marked with the City's logo carved in stone and painted in bright colors.

The Community and Welcome Center at this community is great for those who love to live the "rough life", which is actually very relaxing!

A light display is located at this building which is very popular with a certain type of worm! It has thousands of stories inside just waiting to be read.

Locate a display at this church on a big hill. They provide many services to the community. When you sit in the long wooden pews you get an amazing view from their grand windows.

Vroom Vroom! This location has a huge selection of premium new and used vehicles for sale in Lakeway. Their cars are so nice people will definitely notice you behind the wheel.

You will find a display at the entrance of this park with lot of open space, playgrounds, a dog park, basketball courts, a baseball field, and even a beach for swimming!

The Trail of Lights is a popular spot this time of year. But all year long this center is buzzing with activities for all ages. Look toward the entry sign to find this light display.

This city building is made from large stones. The statue of chess players in front is a favorite among Lakeway residents. Did you know this was formerly the offices for The Lakeway Police Department?