Special Event Permit

Special events can place unique demands on resources or pose danger to public health and safety without appropriate planning. The Special Event Ordinance enables the City of Lakeway to schedule adequate services such as police, traffic control, and sanitation to support special events.

An application for a special event permit will need to be filed with the Assistant City Manager or their designee. The application will include items such as the anticipated number of persons expected to attend, city facilities or streets involved, and a description of any equipment, banners or signage intended to be used.

This ordinance includes standards for issuance of the permit and an appeal process should a denial occur. A certificate of insurance showing commercial general liability coverage is required.

The application fee to cover administrative costs of processing a special event permit is $250 for events with more than 200 people and $25 for events with less than 200 people. The applicant will also be required to pay a deposit for costs such as barricading, policing, sanitation and clean-up expenses prior to the issuance of a permit.  A true-up of costs will occur after the conclusion of the event. 

Special Event Ordinance

Special Event Manual

Special Event Application

Special Event Checklist