History of Lakeway

The following are excerpts from Lakeway, the First 25 Years, by Byron D. Varner.

Relics and Red Men

During the 1967 construction of their house at 221 Corinthian, Bob and Betty Crocker discovered an unusual indentation in the shoreline at the rear of their lot.  Experts authenticated it as a dinosaur print. It was visible only when the lake was below the 681 foot level. Archaeologists frequently find relics of ages past in the area, such as the remains of a prehistoric woman near Cedar Park and a mastodon skeleton in downtown Austin in the 1980's.  Construction excavators unearthed the mastodon skeleton during site work for a new office building on Congress Avenue.  Experts patiently removed the fossil, expensively delaying the construction job for several weeks.

A shallow ocean covered the Texas hills millions of years ago and left limestone deposits containing varied forms of ancient plants, animals and marine life.  Evidence of this geological evolution are the gastropods and molluscan fossils found along street banks and gullies of Lakeway after a heavy rain.

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