Homeowners News

1979 to present year 

There are presently eight (8) boxes containing archives of the Homeowners News, originally published by the Homeowners Association of the Lakeway Community (that held their first meeting on June 17, 1978) now known as the Greater Lakeway Residents Association.

The purpose of the publication, first written by Byron Varner, was to improve communications and to better inform the residents about matters effecting the community…that will help in determining the will of the majority…gain public support for or against such matters…and for protection of the common interest.

The publication Lakewaves, produced by the Lakeway Company (the developers of Lakeway) was reportedly biased; Homeowners News was meant to mitigate that perceived problem. The first issue was provided free to all homeowners, after which time they would be offered the opportunity to join the association. Multiple copies are provided in the archives. There is a significant change of format as state-of-the-art improves with time.

Other publications such as Lakeway Voice and Community Impact, offered free through the U.S. Postal System on a monthly basis, are slowly taking the place of the Homeowners News.

Scope and Content Note

Box 1

Vol. 1No. 1-4July 1978 through April 1979
Vol. 2No. 1-2Aug. 1979 through Feb. 1980
BulletinNo. 1-9March 1980 through Dec. 1980
Vol. 3No. 1-11Jan. 1981 through Dec. 1981
Vol. 4No. 1-11Jan. 1982 through Dec. 1982
Vol. 5No. 1-12Jan. 1983 through Dec. 1983
Vol. 6No. 1-12Jan. 1984 through Dec. 1984
Vol. 7No. 1-11Jan. 1985 through Nov. 1985
  • (Commemorative Edition citing 1963-1983 as the 20th Anniversary - taken from the book "In the Beginning" published by local writers A. Denys Cadman and Byron D. Varner giving a brief history of Lakeway)

Box 2

Vol. 8No. 1-12Jan. 1986 through Dec. 1986
Vol. 9No. 1-12Jan. 1987 through Dec./Jan. 1987-88
Vol. 10No. 2-12Jan./Feb. 1988 through Dec. 1988
Vol. 11No. 1-12Jan. 1989 through Dec. 1989
Vol. 12No. 1-12Jan. 1990 through Dec. 1990

Box 3

Vol. 13No. 1-12Jan. 1991 through Dec. 1991
Vol. 14No. 1-12Jan. 1992 through Dec. 1992
Vol. 15No. 1-12Jan. 1993 through Dec. 1993
Vol. 16No. 1-12Jan. 1994 through Dec. 1994

Box 4

Vol. 17No. 1-12Jan. 1995 through Dec. 1995
Vol. 18No. 1-12Jan. 1996 through Dec. 1996
Vol. 19No. 1-12Jan. 1997 through Dec. 1997
Vol. 20No. 1-12Jan. 1998 through Dec. 1998
Vol. 21No. 1-12Jan. 1999 through Dec. 1999
Vol. 22No. 1-12Jan. 2000 through Dec. 2000

Box 5

Vol. 23No. 1-12Jan. 2001 through Dec. 2001
Vol. 24No. 1-12Jan. 2002 through Dec. 2002
Vol. 25No. 1-12Jan. 2003 through Dec. 2003
Vol. 26No. 1-12Jan. 2004 through Dec. 2004

Box 6

Vol. 27No. 1-12Jan. 2005 through Dec. 2005
Vol. 28No. 1-12Jan. 2006 through Dec. 2006
Vol. 29No. 1-12Jan. 2007 through Dec. 2007

Box 7

Vol. 30No. 1-12Jan. 2008 through Dec. 2008
Vol. 31No. 1-12Jan. 2009 through Dec. 2009

Box 8

Vol. 32No. 1-12Jan. 2010 through Dec. 2010

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