Development Projects

Dev. Flow Chart

As the City of Lakeway continues to develop, we strive to provide progress updates and process information so our citizens and customers have the information they need to be apart of the growth of our community. 

The development process involves city staff, the Zoning and Planning Commission, City Council and sometimes the City Building Commission, and the Board of Adjustment.  There are many plans and permit reviews required throughout the process to ensure safety and security for our community along with proper facilitation of smart growth for the city's future. 

Larger developments in the City of Lakeway are currently underway to include the Lakeway Highlands Development, Lakeway Medical Center, The Oaks, and Tuscan Village. For more information on these projects please click on the tabs located to the left of this page. 

For a more in depth look at future development projects, please see the interactive GIS Map below. 

Lakeway City Limits & Current Development Projects

  • Use the search bar in the map below to enter your address.
  • The dotted line forms the city limits of Lakeway.
  • The orange sections are the city's ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction).
  • The blue dots indicate current developments in the city.