Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

The City of Lakeway City Council is forming a steering committee to update the city’s Comprehensive Plan. This updated plan seeks to:

  1. Update the vision for what Lakeway aspires to achieve over the next 20 years.
  2. Guide decision-making and evaluation of the zoning map and ordinance amendments regarding discretionary development approvals.
  3. Identify short and long-term strategic actions for the city to undertake.
  4. Provide the basis for orderly, consistent, and predictable land use decision making.

The previous Comprehensive Plan that was updated in 2003 focused on citywide issues generated by citizen participation through a town hall type meeting, surveys, and the collective work of citizens serving on various city boards and commissions. This update will likely consist of citizen input which may include avenues such as public meetings, surveys, workshops, and various electronic communication platforms.

The first step for updating the Comprehensive Plan will be for City Council to appoint a group of volunteers to work in an advisory capacity. The work performed by this committee is expected to take up to 12 months. The steering committee will be established by council to work with city staff and a consultant on the Comprehensive Plan update and provide community-based participation and feedback; identify vital issues; act as a sounding board and review body; help build consensus; share information at public outreach events and through verbal and written communications; and, strive to balance various interests and opinions that represent all community needs within the city. The committee’s first order of business will be to issue a public request for proposal for a consultant, review the proposer’s responses, and recommend a consultant to City Council to assist the committee and city staff.

The plan is intended to serve as a policy guide for City Council, city boards and commissions, city staff and the public for evaluating and reviewing the physical development of the city and any such regulation as may be utilized to implement the goals and initiatives identified in the Comprehensive Plan. Existing and future plans, studies, ordinances, and proposals will serve as implementation tools of the plan that include strategies related to transportation, economic development, public safety, parks and open spaces, city and building codes, capital improvement plans, community service, and housing and neighborhoods to name a few.

For information, call 512-314-7500 or email [email protected]

To apply to serve on the Comprehensive Plan Committee, fill out and submit the Volunteer Application Form.

View the city's current Comprehensive Plan (2003).