Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

Please take our Comprehensive Plan survey. It will be available from April 13th through May 24th. We appreciate your help !

Committee Members

Larry HarlanChair
Ron MassaCity Council Liaison
Keith TreckerCity Council and Arts Committee Liaison
Carolyn NicholsZoning & Planning Commission Liaison
Don KotradyZoning & Planning Commission and Wildlife Advisory Commitee Liaison
Dan VardellParks & Recreation Committee Liaison 
Tom WoodardHeritage Committee Liaison
Heather KightPublic Engagement Advisory Committee Liaison 
Austin GibbMember
Julie Jary


The committee's mission is to develop a new comprehensive plan for Lakeway that will be used for the next 15-20 years. Once approved by City Council, the plan will help guide city leaders in areas such as land use, transportation, infrastructure, parks and recreation, wildlife management, and historical preservation.

It also will be working closely with the city's standing committees and commissions that are already working on many of the areas covered by the plan. Input from these groups will be compiled and assimilated as the plan comes together. Transparency is a priority, and Lakeway citizens can expect to be consulted through surveys, poster sessions, and public events in the coming months.

The committee is working with Design Workshop to capture best practices from similar size cities that have completed comprehensive plans in recent years. The consultants will assist in the process and in drafting the final documents for Lakeway. The plan also will include a capital investment component to analyze the financial aspects of how to achieve the plan's goals.

Estimated completion of the final plan is winter 2019/2020.

View the city's current Comprehensive Plan (2003).


Larry Harlan at the March 18th City Council meeting.

The committee met on March 14th to discuss and plan the initial public engagement event for Eggstravaganza!. The purpose of the event is to gain feedback from the public regarding the vision and goals for the city and also to distribute the link to the online survey for those that do not have time to provide input at the event or have friends/family who are not able to attend. The online survey will begin April 13th and end approximately three weeks later. 

The committee is also planning the first Town Hall meeting slated for May 16th at the Activity Center.

Additional Information


View the planning timeline.

For information, call 512-314-7500 or email [email protected]