At Your Home

  1. Do your garden chores gasoline free.
    Avoid the use of gas lawn mowers, leaf blowers, edgers and other yard tools - switch to electric
  2. Don't use charcoal lighter fluid.
    Use an electric or chimney briquette starter or better yet, use a propane grill.
  3. Avoid using pesticides.
    If necessary, use one that is applied in either a granular or water-based solution because they don't contribute to smog.
  4. Don't use oil-based paints or varnishes.
    They contain a high percentage of solvents that evaporate and contribute to air pollution.
  5. Avoid consumer spray products.
    Aerosol products include hairspray, furniture polish, cooking sprays, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, antiperspirants, insecticides and hobby craft sprays. Choose solids, sticks and gels instead.
  6. Check the back page of The Austin American-Statesman Metro&State section.
    The Air Quality Index for the next 24 hours ending at 6 p.m.
  7. Sign-up for AirNow.
     You'll get a daily email with the today’s and tomorrow’s air quality forecast and Ozone Action Day alerts.