Golden-Cheeked Warbler Preserve

Schramm Ranch Preserve

The Schramm Ranch Preserve consists of approximately 113 acres of steeply sloped land surrounding The Ridge at Alta Vista subdivision.  The City of Lakeway holds the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Permit to manage this land in perpetuity as habitat for the endangered golden-cheeked warbler.  This land will never be developed.


Under the terms of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit and Balcones Canyonlands Preserve Habitat Conservation Plan, the only activities allowed inside the preserve are those that will enhance the recovery of the endangered golden-cheeked warbler.  Only city staff and biologists performing warbler surveys are permitted within the preserve. Trespassing, trail-building and uncontrolled tree and vegetation removal are all activities that interfere with warbler occupation, particularly during the nesting period of March through August.  


The Golden-Cheeked Warbler Management Plan written for the City of Lakeway in 2016 describes allowable activities.  Section 2.1 of the management plan states: 

"As part of the BCP, Schramm Ranch is a preserve and land use activities are limited to those that facilitate the recovery of target endangered species inhabiting western Travis County. The exact language of the HCP is available on the Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources website ( The following excerpt from the HCP provides an overview of the preserve system which Schramm Ranch is a part of:

“The [Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plant] BCCP preserve system is to be managed to
  permanently conserve and facilitate the recovery of the populations of target endangered
  species inhabiting western Travis County. This priority objective will govern preserve
  management activities to improve target species habitat, while protection preserves against
  degradation caused by urbanization of surrounding lands and increased public demand for
  recreation usage within preserves.
The welfare of target species (species of concern) will be the overriding influence on all
decisions regarding activities on preserve lands. Decisions about activities within preserves
should be made cautiously, so as to meet biological objectives to protect and enhance target
species and minimize risk of damage to their habitat.”

Therefore, no expected land uses or land use activities should occur at Schramm Ranch that are not related to the preservation or enhancement of GCWA habitat." 

Questions?  Contact City Forester Richard Leon by email or call 512-314-7538.

Golden-Cheeked Warbler Management Plan for the City of Lakeway (2016)

Results of Presence/Absence Surveys for the Golden-cheeked Warbler on Schramm Ranch (2014)

Map of the Schramm Ranch Preserve

TPWD Golden-cheeked Warbler Species Profile

Golden-cheeked warbler birdsong