Police Facility Project

WEB - PD Rendering 04-13-18


To provide information to the community regarding the Police Facility Project to construct a new Lakeway police facility at 1941 Lohmans Crossing Road.


  1. Keep the Lakeway community informed as to current progress throughout all phases of the project.
  2. Provide a repository of relevant information, plans, images, and milestone schedules.
  3. Apprise Lakeway leadership of project status and issues if they arise.
  4. Liaison with stakeholders and residents who will be impacted by the construction project.

Cost Breakdown

BOND AMOUNT: $23,065,000
Cost Elements
June 21, 2018
Site Development, Utilities & Building
Construction Contingency
Land Purchase
Lohmans Spur Extension
Architectural & Engineering Services
City Project Costs