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NEXT TOUR DATE: Friday, January 26, 2024

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LOCATION: Lakeway City Hall (1102 Lohmans Crossing Rd.)

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Take a trip to the past, and join the City of Lakeway Heritage Committee for these FREE historical tours visiting several points of interest around the Lakeway community. The tours begin and end at Lakeway City Hall, starting first with a tour of the historic Liebelt Cabin, and then boarding a bus (with restrooms) as you tour around Lakeway visiting around 20 historical locations led by a member of the Lakeway Heritage Committee. The tours last just over an hour, and give you a great glimpse into Lakeway's past. It's a great event for all ages! Limited seating is available for three time slots, but you must register early at the link above. COME JOIN US! 

Special Points of Interest:

 1. In Appreciation - This marker honors Austin residents Charles H. and Jean McCoy, who donated two valuable commercial lots to the Lakeway Historical Society, the proceeds of which made possible the purchase of this two-acre tract, refurbishing of the old ranch house, and seed money for the Heritage Center building. Also at this location, Early Ranch House and Early Ranch House Water Well- Erected in the 1930s by Gus Mauermann, this building served as quarters for the ranch hands of the Mauermann Ranch, later known as the Josey Ranch before it became Lakeway.  The water-pump marks the location of an actual water well, where a windmill was used to draw water from the well and transfer the water to a wooden storage tank beneath the adjacent oak tree. (Lohman's Crossing at Hurst Creek Road) 

2. Spirit of Freedom Monument - Honoring local veterans who have served in all periods of armed conflict since WW2, this monument was erected September 2, 1995.  (Lohmans Crossing at Hurst Creek)

3. Lohmann's Ford Road - German immigrant John Henry Lohmann established his homestead near a sandbar on the Colorado River bed in 1861, about one-half mile downhill from 1001 Challenger.  Pioneer families who forded the river here called the trail Lohmann's Ford Road. When Travis County built a bridge here some years later, an unknown map maker dropped an "n" from Lohmann's name, and the old trail became Lohman's Crossing Road.  (1001 Challenger)

4. The Liebelt Cabin - Built in 1869 by 26 year old German immigrant August Liebelt, and formerly located at 1504 RM 620, this cabin was moved to its current site in November 2011.  Liebelt left the area in 1873 and is buried in Sherman, Texas.  A replica of his headstone is placed on this site adjacent to City Hall.  (1102 Lohmans Crossing)

5. Lakeway MUD - Lakeway Municipal Utility District (Lakeway MUD) was created in 1970 by the Lakeway Corporation to provide water services to the growing Lakeway community. The initial founders provided water service to the initial development phases through the Lakeway Corporation. However, the Texas Legislature passed a law authorizing local Municipal Utility Districts that had the power to issue bonds and fund the water and sewer infrastructure necessary for developing communities. The Lakeway MUD was the first MUD created under this law and has provided excellent and innovative water services to the community for 50 years. It is staffed by a General Manager, Earl Foster, and an all-volunteer board. Since the drought of 2011, a water management plan has been evolving and there will be an article in the LTV coming up regarding the current state of that plan (Earl Foster initiated the agreement through the LCRA limiting the water resources available to downstream farmers and assuring water availability to the growing communities dependent on Colorado River water.). Lakeway MUD celebrates 50 years of service in 2022. 

6. Old Village Hall - (now the Justice Center)- On April 12, 1982, with the words, "I christen thee Village Hall," Village Clerk Petra Sodke broke a bottle of champagne against this building to complete opening ceremonies. (104 Cross Creek Road)

7. Lakeway Country Store  - Built in 1969, the Tejas Country Store Building provided the community's first grocery store, apartment units and the Ole' Boutique, a ladies fashion shop. Located here from 1974 - 1982  (1204 Lakeway Drive).  

8. Lakeway Municipal Hall - Also located here from 1974 - 1982 along with the first doctor and dentist's offices (1204 Lakeway Drive). 

9. First Bank and Piazza Building - This site was first occupied by the Lakeway Land Company as its headquarters and sales office in June 1971, until a fire destroyed it in 1979.  It also housed Lakeway Bank, Kivlin Construction Co., the Lakeway MUD office and Ann Petty's Beauty Salon. (Corner of Lakeway Drive and Porpoise)

10. Airfield Ranch - This land was part of a small ranch owned by the Clifton George family from 1929-1936.  They used this site as a landing strip.  Lakeway Company built a 3,200 ft. runway here in 1964 and extended it to 4,000 ft. in 1986. (115 Flying Scot)

11. First Condominiums - Construction was completed on the Lakeway Patio Home Condominiums, Section 1, in 1971 and they became the first condominiums in Texas. (Kite St. at Lido Circle)

12. Live Oak Golf Course - George King was the first golf-pro at Lakeway's first golf course.  Nine holes were opened in 1965; eighteen-holes, with a permanent pro-shop, opened in 1967. Also at this location, Lakeway Flag Pole and First Fire Station- The Lakeway flag pole was donated in 1977 by local patriots George and Mary Coale to celebrate the 4th of July. The first fire station was a volunteer fire department established and located on Live Oak Tee Box #10.  It moved to Village Hall in 1982 and then to its current location on Lohmans Crossing Road in 1988. (510 Lakeway Drive)

 13. First Home for Sale - Located at 126 Lakeway Drive, this house was built in 1963 by Lakeway developer Flint Sawtelle and was the first one constructed for sale.

 14. Lakeway Inn - Completed and opened on July 12, 1963 as the Lakeway Inn.  The grand opening ceremony was attended by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson and Governor John Connally.  It became the Lakeway Resort & Spa when a day spa, crystal ballroom and two pools were added in 2005. (101 Lakeway Drive)

 15. Little Grass Shack - Completed in 1970 by Ermina Mae & Edmund Berry III and considered Lakeway's grandest home at the time.  Ermina (Mitzi) was the sister of Flint Sawtelle, founder of the Lakeway Inn.  (111 Lakeway Drive)

 16. Blocker Residence - Built in 1964 by Jean & Lee Blocker.  Lee was known as "Mr. Lakeway".   The Blockers were the only original founders who set up a permanent house in Lakeway in the early years of its development. (126 Sailfish)

 17. Indian Mounds and First Home Purchased - Lakeway's first inhabitants were the prehistoric and latter day natives whose remnants have been found in numerous Indian mounds here along Comet Street as well as in many other areas in Lakeway. Also at this location, First Homesite Purchased- Shortly after Lakeway opened in 1963, Louis and Irene Hamilton became the first residential homesite owners when they purchased the Lot 226, Section 2.They built the house in 1965 and sold it to Walter and Marjorie Graham in 1976. (303 Comet Cove)

 18. Lakeway Land Company Office - One of six houses built for sale by the Lakeway Company in 1963-65, this structure was occupied as its company headquarters and sales office from 1965 until completion of a large commercial building at 1200 Lakeway Drive in 1971. (413 Lakeway Drive)

 19. Shepard Residence - Built in 1966. Original owners were Alan and Louise Shepard. In 1961, Alan became America's first astronaut in space and later landed on the moon during his second space flight in 1971.  Before entering the lunar craft to end that successful mission and return to the orbiting space capsule, Shepard delighted golfers everywhere by unfolding a specially made driver and hitting two golf balls from the moon's surface.  (818 Mariner)

20. Lakeway Stables - When Lakeway opened in 1963, horseback riding was one of the main recreations along with swimming, fishing and boating. For 15 years, stables operated on this site to entertain visitors. (415 - 425 Dasher)

21. Lakeway World of Tennis - Opened in 1973, this facility hosted several major professional tournaments from 1974-1980.  Notable professionals who played on the stadium court were Rod Laver, Ken Rosewell, Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, Evonne Goolagong and Martina Navratilova.  Lakeway Company headquartered here in 1979. Athletic and spa amenities were added in 2005.  (1 World of Tennis Square)

22. Lakeway Ecumenical Church - Father Richard McCabe started Catholic services in Lakeway in 1963.  Ralph Keller started Protestant services in 1969.  Services were held at the Lakeway Inn until 1975 when both groups completed this edifice in 1975. (Lakeway Blvd at Lakeway Drive)

 23. Lakeway's First Telephone - In 1962, Lakeway's founders started development here without telephone service.  Southwestern Bell Telephone Company installed a coin-operated telephone on this site late that year.  Lines were extended to Lakeway Blvd. in 1963. (Southeast corner of Lakeway Blvd. at Lohman's Crossing Road)

 24. Lakeway Rodeo Arena- The sport of horseback riding was a natural for the Lakeway area in 1964, when the remoteness of ranchland was plentiful and easy access was available for visitors to the Lakeway Inn through the Lakeway Airpark.  On August 18, 1978, a rodeo arena opened on land that was formally part of the Schramm Ranch and that is now the Randall's parking lot on RM 620.  For nearly eight years, the community enjoyed professional rodeos, concerts, dances, children's riding clinics and western barbecues. (2301 RM 620 South)

 25. Original Site of Liebelt Cabin - Until 2011, the Liebelt Cabin (see #3) was located here.  It was moved to City Hall for preservation before The Oaks was built in 2015.  (1900 RM 620 South)