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Staff is available by appointment for in-person meetings, for assistance with this process or for any questions regarding BDS operations, please call (512) 314-7540.

The Building & Development Services Department (BDS) is processing all permits 

electronically. Applications for permits, plats or plans may be submitted electronically via

[email protected].


Electronic Submissions (ES) are currently accepted, please submit application and supporting documents to [email protected]. View Electronic Submission Guidelines.

**New submittals will be a minimum of 10-12 days, reexams 3-5

Residential Building Applications and Checklists

Applications with Checklists

Use the below forms for items going before the City Building Commission

Use the below form for item going before the Board of Adjustment

Annexation and Zoning

Subdivision & Site Development




Commercial Building Applications and Checklists

Public Ways & Places

Business License

The Central Texas economy continues to thrive, attracting new residents to the area along with a rapidly expanding network of service providers and businesses. As a premier destination near Austin, Lakeway is also experiencing strong growth. This brings exciting new opportunities and presents challenges that must be addressed to preserve the character of our special city.

City Council recently approved a series of changes designed to help manage this growth. One of these changes is the requirement for each Lakeway business to complete a Business License Application to operate in the city. This Business License will:

  • Help the city maintain its database of business entities.
  • Improve the city’s ability to make timely contact with stakeholders in case of an emergency.
  • Better prepare emergency personnel for conditions they may encounter during calls for service (i.e. hazardous materials on-site; special access procedures, etc.).
  • Better monitor the distribution of business types across the community.

The initial business license application fee and follow-up annual renewals are set at $25 per year.

Short-Term Rentals