Flint Rock Road Improvement Project

Flint Rock Road cross section - 11-09-2015

This is a graphic of the Flint Rock Road Improvement Project timeline.


To provide information to the community regarding the roadway project to improve Flint Rock Road from the area adjacent to Baylor Scott & White-Lakeway hospital to the intersection at Serene Hills Drive.


  • Keep the Lakeway community informed as to current progress throughout all phases of the project.
  • Provide a repository of relevant information, plans, maps, and milestone schedules.
  • Coordinate with key contractors performing work to monitor progress, costs, and schedule and initiate corrective actions as needed.
  • Apprise Lakeway leadership of project status and issues.
  • Liaison with stakeholders and residents who will be impacted by the construction project.

Flint Rock Road Update

Aug. 11, 2017

Notice of substantial completion was issued Aug. 8, 2017.
The normal punch list of final items has been issued and is being worked on by the contractor
The left turn light at RM 620 is operational and waiting for TxDOT to install a new traffic light and add the sensor to detect vehicles in the new left turn lane. It seems to have had a significant impact on increasing the left turn capacity at peak periods.
The re-vegetation program to establish grass has been impacted by the late planting and extreme heat. It is likely that the re-vegetation process will extend into the fall when growing conditions improve.
Final signage is being positioned and the temporary construction signs are being removed.
The contractor is cleaning up all areas and the construction yard to return it to a grassy condition
This is likely the last update to be posted to this site.
“Thanks to the many community residents who withstood the many months of dust, noise and disruption while the work was being done to provide a much improved and safer road,” said Jim Schwendinger, Flint Rock Road Improvement Project manager.

Flint Rock Road Update

Aug. 7, 2017
Final paving, striping and signage have been completed. Formal notice of substantial completion is expected imminently. The final project walk-through has been completed and the final punch list issued. Work on resolving the punch list items should not take more than two weeks. The only item expected to linger is the re-vegetation as the weather has been too hot for grass seed to germinate. This item is being evaluated for an interim solution, pending better weather for grass growth.

Flint Rock Road Update

June 19, 2017

This is a photo of recent paving of the realigned portion of Flintrock Trace and Wild Cherry.
Recent paving of the realigned portion of Flintrock Trace and Wild Cherry

  • We are in the final weeks of this project.
  • The contractor is working on a handful of final preparations to prepare for the final push.
  • Spreading of topsoil and re-vegetation is occurring.
  • The City of Lakeway has decided to add a second left turn lane at the intersection of RM 620 and Flint Rock Road. This left turn will be created out of the center island. Work will commence about June 21. This will necessitate the closure of the existing left turn lane for approximately two weeks to provide safe space for the workers, leaving only one lane at the light.  This will be a difficult period, but worthwhile in the long term.
  • Using the same contractor while the equipment is already on site will save taxpayers significantly.
  • In conjunction with the above closure, Flintrock Trace will be reopened at the same time as the closure at RM 620 with a target date of June 21.  
  • The digital sign will be positioned near the Flintrock Trace/Wild Cherry intersection to direct traffic.
  • Final paving for the entire road is scheduled for June 28 and is likely to take two to three days. The reopening of the lane closure at RM 620 will be the top priority
  • Final striping will occur a few days after paving with final signage positioned for the final configuration. The schedule is subject to weather.
  • Please exercise caution during the final push as there is lots of equipment moving along the entire length of the project. Do not pass heavy equipment unless directed to do so. Obey the signals provided by the flagmen.

Flint Rock Road Update

May 17, 2017

Closure of Flintrock Trace and old Flint Rock Road Intersection on Monday, May 22

This is a schematic of planned Flint Rock Road improvements.

  • To complete the last phase of work on the Flint Rock Road Improvement Project, the intersection of Flintrock Trace and the old Flint Rock Road must be closed for construction and related water line work. A digital sign has been placed near the intersection to provide advance notice to drivers.
  • This closure will occur, weather permitting, on Monday, May 22 after the morning traffic period
  • Barricades closing the intersection will be positioned in all four directions feeding this intersection
  • Warning signs advising of the temporary road closure will be posted 
  • Traffic will be re-routed during the intersection construction as follows:
o Traffic coming from the north from Lohmans Spur will need to access RM 620 either at Lohmans Crossing or at Lohmans Spur traffic lights – Flintrock Trace will be closed to through traffic.
o Traffic coming from the west or Serene Hills Drive will be routed onto the new section of Flint Rock Road at the top of the dip and directed onto the newly constructed road which will lead to the RM 620 traffic light near the hospital.  
o For the next two weeks, traffic will not be able to turn off of the new Flint
Rock Road on to the new Flintrock Trace (old Wild Cherry) to go toward Lohman’s Plaza. This will be reopened once construction at the intersection
is completed.
o Traffic coming off of RM 620 wanting to travel west on Flint Rock Road or to access Wild Cherry will need to access the road using the traffic light near the hospital.
  • The expected duration of the intersection closure is two to three weeks.
  • The City of Lakeway is planning to permanently close the old section of Flintrock Trace between the above referenced intersection and the new Flint Rock Road at the intersection of Medical Parkway. Timing is still to be determined.
  • The portion of the old Flint Rock Road from the water lift station near the dip to the top of the dip on the west side will be closed and demolished once it is no longer useful.
  • Final asphalt paving of the finish layer is tentatively planned for three to four weeks out which will signal the end of the project.
  • Please be alert for drivers not familiar with the change in the route and follow all warning and construction speed limit signs.
  • The attached schematic may be helpful in digesting the planned changes.
  • “The end is In sight!” Project Manager Jim Schwendinger said.

Flint Rock Road Update
April 19, 2017

This is a photo of Flint Rock Road under construction near Baylor Scott and White-Lakeway hospital and looking east toward RM 620.
Flint Rock Road construction near Baylor Scott & White-Lakeway and looking east toward RM 620

  • The paving contractor will begin paving the remaining sections of the road surface starting Monday, April 17 and running two or three days
  • This is the initial, base coat of asphalt which will be added to later with a 2-inch finish layer
  • The paving will include all side streets and driveways. Side streets will be done in sections with access provided continuously
  • Expect brief stoppages as heavy equipment works in the immediate area of the paving
  • Paving will start on the east end near the barricades at the hospital and proceed west to Serene Hills Drive
  • There will be oversized equipment on the road and many large asphalt delivery trucks on the road. Slow down and be safe!
  • The paving contractor will provide flagmen in areas where we may need to reduce traffic to one way due to the close proximity to the work
  • Once the paving is completed, it will take several days to install safety equipment, get stripping done and signage positioned before we can move traffic to the new pavement 
  • Once traffic is moved to the new pavement, the next phase of work will be completed on the other side 
  • The last step will be to come back and apply the final finish layer of asphalt
  • The Flint Rock Road project is moving into the final phase of construction on the main roadway with substantial completion, meaning driving access end to end on the finished road surface in May, weather permitting. 
  • The last phase of work will be the realignment of Flintrock Trace where it intersects with Wild Cherry and the abandonment of the section of old Flint Rock Road from the Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) #17 lift station through the dip and up to the crest of the hill adjacent to the golf course. This will include grading and spreading of fill in voids and areas near curbs & culverts, and the shoulders plus re-vegetation of the impacted areas throughout the length of the main road project.

Flint Rock Road Update
Feb. 9, 2017

This is a photo of the preparation of the final base of Flint Rock Road near the hospital.
Final preparation of base of Flint Rock Road near hospital.

The Flint Rock Road Improvement continues to progress enjoying the improved weather conditions. Final base is being applied on the section near the hospital and the last of the box culverts are being installed at the remaining creek crossings. Driveway and side street access is underway.  The project is to achieve substantial completion which means travel on finished pavement from Serene Hills Drive to RM 620 by May 2017 and full project completion by July 2017, weather permitting.

Flint Rock Road Update
Sept. 16, 2016 

This is a photo of paving work on Flint Rock Road at Hurst Creek Road.
Paving work on Flint Rock Road at Hurst Creek Road.

This is a photo of paving work on the west end of Flint Rock Road.
Paving work on Flint Rock Road at west end.

  • As previously advised, the western end of the project is being paved today. This is the section from Serene Hills Drive to Loadstone. It is expected that the paving will be completed today, subject to the availability of paving material from the asphalt plant. Any portion not completed today will be done on Saturday morning.
  • The intersections of Tonkawa Trail West, Hennig Drive and Navajo Trail also will be included in the paving.
  • Please exercise caution as there are many heavy vehicles traveling on Flint Rock Road delivering the asphalt.
  • The pavement that is being laid is the base layer, and it will have a finish layer applied later. With this work completed, we will be able to transition traffic onto the new base layer which will, in turn, allow us to move traffic off the deteriorating old road and temporary lane. This should materially reduce further risk of a road closure due to flooding at Hurst Creek.
  • Once the paving is completed, the next step is to have the new pavement painted and stripped with appropriate safety markings. On Tuesday, the signage will be put in place to match the new travel lanes and traffic will most likely be driving on the new pavement from Serene Hills Drive to Loadstone on Tuesday.
  • The speed limit on the new section will remain 30 mph as it is still a construction zone.

Flint Rock Road Update – Important Items Included

August 26, 2016

  • It has been a very difficult time dealing with unprecedented rains and the resultant flooding and closures
  • The contractor advises that the recent rains likely will adversely impact our overall schedule by three weeks
  • The temporary road which is being currently driven on is deteriorating and become very challenging to repair
  • The contractor is performing patching twice a day in the worse areas but it won’t hold due to the wet conditions
  • There are locations where we have runoff even today from the rains of six days ago
  • We are working to get the runoff off of the travel lanes, but some of those modifications require engineering review/approval
  • The worst conditions are on the west end of the project
  • The construction team has concluded that our best option is to accelerate the work on the west end and get off the temporary road ASAP. To that end, you will observe the contractor focused on this area. This will come at a small increased expense, but all concur that it is the right thing to do.
  • The current plan is to do this accelerated paving work from Serene Hills to Loadstone within two weeks, weather permitting.
  • Moving off the temp road will improve driving conditions & reduce the risk of further closures due to flooding
  • The contractor will be working this weekend on Aug. 27 starting to prep the intersections and driveways on the new road side for paving. This means Tonkawa Trail West, Hennig Drive, Navajo Trail plus the private driveways adjacent to the new road sections between Serene Hills and Loadstone. This work will be done in two phases so no one should have limited access during the phase. Tonkawa Trail West will be deferred to the latter part of the two weeks to minimize disruption due to the higher traffic at this intersection.
  • The contractor is on standby should we get heavy rains this weekend, but bear in mind that we will need daylight to inspect the road for safety and clean any debris from any flooded areas. Last Sunday, the contractor was on site doing this work on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. after the flooding that occurred early Saturday evening. Reports that nothing was done until Monday are incorrect. The exact same thing occurred in May.
  • There have been some blown tire incidents recently and we are closely monitoring the situation by inspecting the suspect areas more frequently, patching as needed and working to come up with drainage solutions of get runoff off of the road surface. All parties are working the issue diligently. In the meantime, we continue to observe vehicles driving well in excess of the posted 30 mph signs throughout the construction zone. Speeding and the rough road conditions do not mix.
  • There have been some questions regarding overall drainage design – the engineers are confident that the final configuration with the large box culverts and drainage features will greatly improve our margin of safety from flooding in the future. The challenge is to get through the interim construction phases to achieve that end design.
  • Since our last update, the work at Wild Cherry has made considerable progress, installing the large box culverts under the intersection of the new Flint Rock Road and Wild Cherry, installing the retaining walls on both the upstream and downstream sides plus the large retaining wall that supports the new elevated roadway from Wild Cherry to the barricades at Medical Parkway.
  • On July 17 there was a truck incident at the stop sign at the intersection of Flint Rock Road and the Wild Cherry detour. A truck loaded with roadway retaining wall panels lost his transmission and rolled back down the hill towards the dip. There was no one behind him and he executed an intentional jack knife of the truck to go into the ditch on the south side near the bottom of the dip. You may have noticed the pile of panels located there. At this point, the panels are a total loss, and insurance has taken over working the matter. Since the panels are a loss and we intend to completely close this section of the old road near the end of the project, it may be decided to leave them where they sit versus taking a half day of double lane closures to bring in a crane to lift and a flatbed to load the panels. The need for the stop sign at the top of the dip has been affirmed with public safety personnel. In the meantime, don’t crowd a truck climbing this hill to the stop sign!
  • Lastly, this project is stressful on the community. We have been dealt more than our share of bad luck. Who would have planned on three 25-year rain events in our immediate area in a four-month span? Your roadway team is trying very hard to get this done in a safe manner and get the community the road you are paying for and deserve. Your support is greatly appreciated and your input always listened to and worked.

Flint Rock Road Update

June 13, 2016

Project Impacts: The Flint Rock Road improvement project has experienced several adverse impacts:
1.  Rain delays – the project has lost 26 workdays thus far to rainfall & muddy conditions
2.  Unexpected ground water released from the newly excavated terrain.  This is clearly visible when driving along the construction zone where water can been observed running out of rock walls recently cut.  This item when combined with the first item has made for unprecedented difficult construction conditions.
3. Utility relocation issues -  Time-Warner Cable at Pawnee Pass and WCID #17 force main lines that are located within the construction area at the two small creeks near Tonkawa Trail East.
4. Design complications related to the ground water

Schedule Implications:  Given all of the above, the contract completion date and the date the road will be open for use has been impacted by an estimated 30-45 workdays.  That could be further impacted by continued wet weather.  We are expecting substantial completion of the roadway in the late January/ February 2017 timeframe.  To complete all work, the contractor work may extend to the end of April of 2017.

Total Cost Projection:  As to the projected cost, the funding approved jointly by Lakeway and Travis County was $9.2 million.  The Lakeway share of this cost was $4.2 million.  Due to the previously cited factors, the project has eaten into the contingency financial reserves in a material way. Lakeway has realized a greater percent of those cost impacts based on the exact location of the problems being within the Lakeway jurisdiction. There has been no change in the projected total cost of the project at this time, and it will be closely monitored.

The project needs sunshine and good weather to get back on track. We are reaching a point where there should be fewer surprises & things become more predictable. The next two months will be key in that regard.

May 19 & 20 Road Closure:  On May 19, the Flint Rock Road construction area sustained a intense rainfall during a two-hour period. Given the saturated conditions due to the generally wet conditions Hurst Creek became a raging torrent and topped the old roadway section at the creek. The original roadway had only a single 24-inch culvert to move water under the road which is substantially below current criteria. While such flooding has happened on previous occasions, during construction the old road base had to be cut to make room for the new larger culverts. This exposed the base under the old road to erosion in spite of steps to guard against this. As a matter of safety the road was closed on the morning of May 19.  To address the erosion and continuing risk of more flooding it was decided to remove the old 24-inch culvert, repair the old and temporary road base on the south side of the street and to install to 36-inch culverts as a temporary measure.  This increased the flow capacity under this section of the road by 450 percent.  The road closure resulted in disruption to area residents as there are no public roads which serve as a convenient alternative. The construction firm did the work on a high priority basis and was able to reopen the road by 7:15 p.m. May 20. The new roadway design has five box culverts 8’ x7’ to accommodate a 50 year rain event plus the elevation of the road itself will be several feet higher than the old road when completed.  

Flint Rock Road Update

May 10, 2016

  • As many have noticed, the Flint Rock Road construction project has been subjected to numerous rain delays and pervasive ground water issues. The ground is super-saturated, which causes us fits every time we cut into a bank. It has also caused some design modifications.
  • We experienced more lost days for rain in April 2016 than in the entire life of the project prior to April.
  • At Hurst Creek, the complex set of large culverts have been installed for half of the new road with the bulkhead wing walls being fabricated now.
This is a photo of the wing wall at culvert number three at Hurst Creek.
This is the wing wall of Culvert #3 at Hurst Creek.

  • Our temporary roadway has been a challenge to maintain due to the above cited wet conditions. We look forward to when we can shift traffic to part of the finished roadway.
  • Retaining walls have been installed near Wild Cherry and near Hurst Creek, which are the most complex sections.
  • On May 4, the permanent roadway cutting across between Wild Cherry and the old Flint Rock Road was paved to create a bypass for traffic using Wild Cherry.
This is a photo of the bypass for traffic using Wild Cherry.
This is the bypass for traffic using Wild Cherry.

  • Important Notice: Wild Cherry between Flintrock Trace and the new Flint Rock Road was closed on May 9. Traffic was rerouted at Flintrock Trace to use the old Flint Rock Road through the dip and then turn on to the new section of FRR arching across the hillside before continuing up Wild Cherry. This bypass permits removal of the old culverts and installation of the new culverts in this area.
This is the new Flint Rock Road and Wild Cherry bypass.
This is the new Flint Rock Road and Wild Cherry bypass.

  • The speed limit on Flint Rock Road within the full construction zone from Flintrock Trace to Serene Hills Drive has been changed to 30 mph.  Please slow down! 
  • Signs have been posted to limit work trucks from using Flint Rock Road as a cut through.
  • We were able to get AT&T & Time-Warner Cable to clear their equipment off of the telephone/power poles between Pawnee Pass and Tonkawa Trail West so the poles could be removed for construction. We still have utility issues at Pawnee Pass and at Flintrock Trace.
  • At this time our schedule remains the same ending at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

Flint Rock Road Update

Feb. 8, 2016

retaining wall Wild Cherry - February 2016
Clear weather has helped contractors make progress on Flint Rock Road construction, such as this retaining wall at Wild Cherry.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The speed limit on Flint Rock Road within the full construction zone from Flintrock Trace to Serene Hills will be changed to 30 mph within the next two weeks. This is because traffic traveling at 40 mph and greater is simply unsafe given the road and traffic lane transitions.
  • Also, within the next month it is anticipated that signs will be posted to limit through trucks from using Flint Rock Road as a cut through. This step requires council approval. Restricting through trucks will enhance safety and reduce the heavy wear on the temporary travel lanes and hopefully the noise.
  • We are working with the City of Lakeway and Travis County to step up enforcement of both the speed limit and truck restriction.
  • Clear weather has allowed the construction team to make good progress the past month.
  • The project has experienced problems with the temporary travel lanes which are built to a lesser standard than the final road. They began to fail in selected spots very quickly. The source of the problem has been under review and much of it was related to ground water seeping into the sub base due the wet conditions from last fall. Specific remediation for the damaged areas has been identified and should be implemented in the next few weeks.
  • We continue to have to wait for the AT&T & Time Warner utility crews to clear their gear off of the telephone/power lines so the poles can be removed for construction. Subcontractors are on site to finish this work.
  • The retaining walls are starting to go up with the first one near Wild Cherry. Others will follow in areas where the road grade is being built up.
  • As communicated last month, the work near Lakeway Regional Medical Center and across the hillside between Wild Cherry and old Flint Rock Road has been impacted by technical design issues with a large retaining wall and the wet conditions in the area. We have a go forward plan for the work.
  • A final few trees were removed in past month as the work proceeded in their vicinity – they had always been planned for removal but it was delayed as long as possible. The city and county do have specific mitigation procedures for hardwood trees removed to be replaced with saplings at the conclusion of the work. The project is following those guidelines.
  • At this time our schedule remains the same, months ending at the end of 2016 or early 2017.
  • We are aware that this project will generate a significant amount of noise, dust and even some traffic delays. We are working to make this as manageable as possible.

Flint Rock Road Update

Jan. 11, 2016

Flint Rock Road paving

Paving of a temporary lane on Flint Rock Road started today near Stephanie Lane.

  • Construction started in late October 2015 and quite a bit of activity has occurred as the contractor prepares the site for the work ahead.
  • Much of the work has been to clear and prepare the site for the installation of temporary lanes which will permit work on the original lanes one at a time.
  • Paving of the temporary lane started today at the western end of Flint Rock Road near Serene Hills Drive and is moving east towards RM 620.
  • It is expected that traffic will be switched to the temporary lanes by the end of the week with restriping of lanes and barriers installed. Traffic control and signage should help drivers make the transition.
  • In some areas the temporary travel lanes will use the old lanes as the new permanent lanes will be entirely in a new right of way to remove some of the turns such as near Hurst Creek.
  • The work near the hospital and across the hillside between Wild Cherry and old Flint Rock Road has been impacted by technical design issues with the large retaining walls and the wet conditions in the area.
  • It is expected that the temporary lane for residents living above the work site at Wild Cherry will be installed later in the project once the retaining walls in the area are completed.
  • The project has experienced some delays waiting for AT&T and Time Warner to remove their equipment from Austin Energy poles between Pawnee Pass North and just west of Hennig Drive after 18 months advance notification. Crews are now on site.
  • We are aware that it is unavoidable that materials will end on the road but the contractor is running cleaning equipment as needed to keep the road passable and safe for existing traffic
  • At this time our schedule remains the same, 15 months ending at the end of 2016 or early 2017.
  • “The work on Flint Rock Road will greatly improve safety, but we ask residents to be patient throughout the construction process,” City of Lakeway Project Manager Jim Schwendinger said. “We are aware the project will generate a significant amount of noise, dust and even some traffic delays, but we have stressed to the contractor the importance of minimizing those effects on the public.”

Flint Rock Road Photo Update

Jan. 8, 2016

Flint Rock Road construction - January 2016

This photo was taken from near the barricades at the intersection of Medical Parkway and new Flint Rock Road facing west.
  • The foreground is the view of new Flint Rock Road as it crosses Wild Cherry and approaches the barricades.
  • The background in the picture is of the new Flint Rock Road as it arcs across the hillside to align with the old Flint Rock Road near the golf course above the dip.

Flint Rock Road Construction News

Nov. 6, 2015
Construction activity on the new Flint Rock Road has started in earnest.

One of the early phases of work is to address the section of the new road that arcs across the hillside between the old Flint Rock Road and the barricades near the hospital. This is because it is both the most complex segment of the project and it can proceed with the least disruption to the public.

The work near the intersection of the Wild Cherry and the new Flint Rock Road is one which we need to get working on. To do that, we will need to close Wild Cherry to install large retaining walls and to install large culverts in the creek bed under the new roadway. While that work is occurring, we will reroute traffic on Wild Cherry traffic to go across the hillside on temporary lanes which will bypass that area. 
Brush and tree clearing is progressing from east to west along the Flint Rock Road right of way. This will address the remainder of the clearing which we had to started earlier this year to avoid disturbing the potential nesting habitat of the yellow cheeked warbler!

The contractor has also placed tree protection fencing around trees which are flagged for preservation. Once this is done, they will begin with the construction of a temporary travel lane so we can begin the process of realigning and upgrading the existing travel lanes, one at a time.
Also some have inquired as to the size of the clearing on the hillside near the hospital between the old Flint Rock Road and the dip and Wild Cherry Drive. The actual right of way for the new road is within the two 2-foot high silt fences you see to prevent soil erosion.

The larger area uphill from the erosion fences, installed approximately midway up the hillside, is a  temporary construction yard that the contractor negotiated with the owner of the property. This area will be used during the construction for equipment and materials for the construction project.  At the end of the project it will be re-vegetated and watered until the grasses are re-established.
This will be a long journey and we are just at the start.

Jim Schwendinger
Flint Rock Road Project Manager – City of Lakeway

Flint Rock Road construction begins

Oct. 16, 2015
Construction is scheduled to begin next week on the Flint Rock Road Improvement Project to widen lanes and shoulders on the curvy, hilly, heavily traveled thoroughfare.
Travis County will manage the construction phase performed by Smith Contracting Company. The project is anticipated to take 15 months to complete depending on weather, Lakeway project manager Jim Schwendinger said.
Work will begin with the erection of signage and erosion protection as well as brush clearing, and the construction of temporary travel lanes for traffic control.
“The work on Flint Rock Road will greatly improve safety, but we ask residents to be patient throughout the construction process,” Schwendinger said. “We are aware the project will generate a significant amount of noise, dust and even some traffic delays, but we have stressed to the contractor the importance of minimizing those effects on the public.”
The city and county are encouraging drivers to slow down and drive safely through the construction zones. New construction zone restrictions will be posted. “Drivers should keep an eye out for workmen and heightened police enforcement on Flint Rock Road,” Schwendinger said.
Total funding for the project was originally estimated to be $9.2 million when approved by voters in 2012 of which 53 percent is to be Travis County’s share and 47 percent is the City of Lakeway’s portion.  At this point, the project is on budget.

Flint Rock Road improvements enter construction phase

Aug.11, 2015
The sharp edges of Flint Rock Road will be smoothed as construction on road improvements is set to begin by the end of this year.
Travis County opened construction bids in late July for the section of Flint Rock Road from Serene Hills Drive to near RM 620 and Lakeway Regional Medical Center.
The roadway upgrade project is a joint project between the City of Lakeway and Travis County to improve the general safety, dampen dips and curves while widening the travel lanes and adding paved shoulders to the heavily traveled road.
“We are pleased that improvements are imminent on Flint Rock Road,” Lakeway City Manager Steve Jones said. “Drivers can look forward to a thoroughfare that is better able to handle the increasing traffic counts in the western half of our city.”
Contract administration will be handled by Travis County, which must have the apparent low bidder approved by Commissioner’s Court and then issue the contract followed by a notice to proceed.
It is expected that the construction phase will start in late September and run approximately 15 months concluding the end of 2016, which matches the original project timeline, project manager Jim Schwendinger said.
“"Our intent is to keep the road open in both directions during construction, but drivers should anticipate intermittent lane closures and delays,” Jones cautioned.
Total funding for the project was originally estimated to be $9.2 million when approved by voters in 2012 of which 53 percent is to be Travis County’s share and 47 percent is the City of Lakeway’s portion.
Voters for the county and the city both passed bond proposals in their respective elections occurring in November 2011 and 2012. The Flint Rock Road bond garnered the approval of 62 percent of Lakeway voters.

Flint Rock Road Project Update

March 26, 2015

The Flint Rock Road project has resolved its issues with the utilities and right of way matters and is moving forward on its timeline.
The project is a joint City of Lakeway and Travis County project to improve the 2.2 miles of road between RM 620 and Serene Hills Drive. The road will have several safety issues addressed consisting of 1-foot wider lanes, 4-foot paved shoulders, changes in the turns and grades to improve safety and sightlines.
Near the Lakeway Regional Medical Center, the right of way will shift south crossing the hillside and Wild Cherry and align up with the section of Flint Rock Road that was installed when the hospital opened. This will permit the abandonment of the road with the severe dip near Flintrock Trace.
Total funding for the project is $9.2 million coming from a 2011 county bond issue and a 2012 City of Lakeway bond issue.
Although the lineal feet of road are split 66 percent and 33 percent between the county and the city, Travis County is committed to 53 percent of costs and Lakeway is responsible for 47 percent because of specific complexity within the city’s sections.    

Key highlights:

  • Project design phase completed late March 2015;
  • Brush and trees within the construction zone were removed in February 2015 at western end to comply with the bird nesting requirements in areas of potential habitat;
  • We are trying to avoid taking as many hard wood trees as possible but there will be losses which be offset by both Lakeway and Travis County per their existing forestation policies resulting in replanting of replacement trees at the end of the project;
  • At present, it is expected that the project will be released for bid by mid-April 2015 followed by a three week advertising and bid preparation period;
  • Evaluation of bids and identification of the lost cost bidder would occur approximately by mid-May 2015;
  • The award and approval to proceed will be needed from both Travis County Commissioner’s Court and City of Lakeway
  • Given the above timeline, construction would commence by July 1, 2015, or perhaps earlier. If construction occurs earlier, completion would be scheduled for fall 2016
  • The planned construction is 14 to 17 months, which will be confirmed once bids are reviewed and the award made
  • Completion would be in the fall of 2016, which matches the original schedule
  • Two-way traffic will be provided throughout the construction period by the addition of a temporary lane.

Flint Rock Road Project Update

Feb. 9, 2015

  • As previously reported, the design phase for the Flint Rock Road project was completed in fall 2014.
  • Since that time the project has been focused on securing the required right of way and resolving conflicts with the several utilities with services located within that right of way.
  • We are optimistic that we are moving towards a conclusion in the next 30 days on these matters.
  • Travis County administrative procurement will manage the bid and construction award process. The request for bids should be issued in April 2015.
  • The award would occur approximately in May 2015 and construction would commence shortly thereafter.
  • Brush and some trees will need to be removed which conflict with the construction design. Because of environmental regulations, we must perform this work in certain areas prior to March 1, 2015. Other areas can wait until later. 
  • A contractor will start removal of this vegetation in the next two weeks in the area from Pawnee Pass North to Serene Hills Drive.

Flint Rock Road Project Update - 90% design milestone reached!

July 3, 2014 It has been some time since we posted our last update on the progress of Flint Rock Road. This period has been packed with many important design steps to conclude the overall design of the roadway design. Some of the key milestones are:

Roadway Highlights
  • The design phase has just recently reached the 90 percent complete milestone on June 27.  At this point, we are approximately two weeks behind our original schedule, but it is believed we will meet the target date for issuance of the Request for Proposals (RFP) by early October.
  • The 100 percent design milestone will be at the end of July.
  • The next steps will be to translate the design into the information to describe the road project to potential construction firms.
  • During the past few months we experienced some cost growth, as did many other roadway projects in the area. The source was not scope expansion but mostly increases in unit costs and underestimation of the volume of retaining walls among other cost factors.
  • The joint Lakeway-Travis County team worked to find ways to modify our design to bring our projected cost into alignment, which has been accomplished.
  • Although we feel good about the current cost projection, we will have a much clearer picture once bids are received for the construction.
  • Both the City of Lakeway and Travis County are currently working with impacted property holders to acquire the necessary Right-of-Way, and good progress is being made.
  • The project team is also meeting with all of the utilities to identify the locations where conflicts exist with the new design and develop plans to relocate their service before construction can start without interruption of service to residents in the area.
  • Travis County will assume the project lead role as we transition from the design to the build phase including administering the construction RFP and vendor selection processes.
  • We have prepared a preliminary design to realign the intersection at Flintrock Trace-Old Flint Rock Road-Wild Cherry to make the flow of traffic on Flintrock Trace flow right into Wild Cherry with no stop sign. This will be treated as an optional element subject to affordability.
  • At some point in the future, after the new Flint Rock Road is completed in 2016, the section of Flintrock Trace will be closed from the intersections of Wild Cherry and the new Flint Rock Road near Medical Parkway.
  • The old Flint Rock Road from Flintrock Trace to the crest of the hill opposite the dip will be abandoned.
  • It is planned that another Open House at the Lakeway Activity Center will be conducted in the August-September timeframe to give interested parties the opportunity to get an update on the project and to ask questions. We will issue a meeting notice through multiple channels to let interested parties know of the meeting.
  • To review a high level timeline please click here: Milestone Timeline.
  • The current plan is to start the construction by second quarter of 2015 and finish by third quarter of 2016.
  • As always, you can forward questions to the mailbox listed on this webpage, and we will respond promptly to your concern or inquiry.

Flint Rock Road Project Update

Jan. 27, 2014

Roadway Highlights
  • The project is on schedule and on budget. Attempting to compress schedule;
  • Roadway design of Right-of-Way is about 90 percent set at this time;
  • Expect to proceed with Right-of-Way acquisition in next 30 days and last as much as nine months;
  • Engineering and design phase is 55 percent complete and is set to conclude in August 2014;
  • Many details are ongoing including environmental, drainage, water detention, retaining walls, tree surveys, coordination with utilities, and right-of-way processes;
  • Plan to issue the construction bids in the fall of 2014;
  • Select the winning contractor in first quarter of 2015;
  • We would like to start construction by the second quarter of 2015;
  • Construction will last 15-17 months with the roadway scheduled to open in October 2016. Contractors will create temporary lanes during construction; and,
  • Evaluating an option to realign Flintrock Trace-Wild Cherry intersection.

Project gets news coverage

Here is an excerpt of an article the Lake Travis View published on the Flint Rock Road Improvements Project in its Oct. 24, 2013 edition:

     The Flint Rock Road Improvements Project is nearing its 30-percent completion benchmark for the planning process, according to Lakeway city manager Steve Jones.
      The city of Lakeway is partnering with Travis County to complete the Flint Rock Road Improvements Project. The project seeks to make for safer driving on Flint Rock Road between Lakeway Regional Medical Center and the intersection of Serene Hills Drive. The stretch from Wild Cherry Drive to F.M. 620 will have a median added and the roadway will be widened to 12-foot lanes and will include a curb and gutters to improve drainage. The stretch from Serene Hills Drive to Jack Nicklaus Drive will have its shoulders improved to dampen curves. Stretches of road will see retaining walls added.
      For the full article, click here.

Flint Rock Road Project Update

Oct. 15, 2013

It has been a few weeks since the last update regarding the Flint Rock Road project, so as follows is a short update:  
  • Overall, good progress continues on the roadway design but the process is complex and lengthy;
  • Once past the nesting bird period, you likely noticed that survey crews were out in force during the month of September;
  • Test bore holes were drilled in 21 areas along the proposed right of way to assess the soil for compaction and related geotechnical analysis;
  • The engineering team is on schedule and is expecting to meet the 30 percent complete milestone on the design phase by the end of October;
  • Assessment of complex matters such as use of retaining walls and drainage considerations are ongoing;
  • It is expected that by early November that there will be a list of properties that will be impacted by the widening of the roadway from a width of 22 feet to 32 feet counting the new shoulders as well as dampening of the dips and sharp curves;
  • Property holders will be formally contacted if they are involved by either the City of Lakeway or Travis County  –  Most will be contacted by the county as there more parcels impacted in their jurisdiction. No information will be available prior to that time;
  • The process of coordination has been initiated with involved utilities such as Austin Energy to plan the location of the new roadway and potential implications for their equipment;
  • Involved environmental agencies as appropriate are being engaged regarding runoff and drainage; and,
  • Recently the City of Lakeway was advised by Moody's Investor Services that the city will receive a very favorable bond rate of Aa1 for the $4.3 million of new bonds that will be issued to fund the city's share of the total project cost.

Lakeway earns Aa1 bond rating for Flint Rock Road Improvement Project

Oct. 11, 2013
Press Release

Information materials from Aug. 20, 2013 open house:

Exhibits are posted for information only. They are subject to change and are not to be regarded as final.

Flint Rock Road Update - 90% design milestone reached!

July 3, 2014

Flint Rock Road Update - 90% design milestone reached!

July 3, 2014